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Majority Support Replacing Obamacare with Universal Healthcare

58% of American adults would replace the Affordable Care Act (ACA), also known as Obamacare, with a federally-funded single-payer healthcare system that gives insurance to all Americans, according to a May 16, 2016 Gallup poll of 1,549 adults. In a separate question, 51% of respondents would repeal Obamacare and 48% would keep the ACA as is.

05/12/2016 Most Americans Want Prescription Drug Ads Banned from TV

05/03/2016 Thanks Educators for Teacher Appreciation Week and Best Quarter Ever

04/18/2016 Pennsylvania Becomes 24th Legal Medical Marijuana State

04/15/2016 Death Penalty Used Worldwide More in 2015 than Any Time in Last 25 Years

04/07/2016 Pros, Cons, and History of Minimum Wage Debate - New Research from

03/25/2016 Debate over Physician-Assisted Suicide Drug Cost Flares Up

03/16/2016 Some Cuba Embargo Restrictions Eased ahead of Obama's Visit

03/11/2016 Presidential Quiz Matches People to 2016 Candidates

03/02/2016 2016 Presidential Candidates: How Did They Fare on Super Tuesday?

02/26/2016 2016 Presidential Candidates Debate Closing Guantanamo Bay

02/17/2016 2016 Presidential Candidates Debate Supreme Court Appointment to Replace Justice Scalia

02/11/2016 Maryland Senate Restores the Vote to Convicted Felons upon Release from Prison

02/02/2016 Cruz and Clinton Lead 2016 Presidential Candidates in Iowa

01/27/2016 Climate Change Cited as Reason for Record Heat in 2015

01/13/2016 Florida's Death Penalty Unconstitutional in Part Says US Supreme Court

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