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Maryland Senate Restores the Vote to Convicted Felons upon Release from Prison

On Tuesday Feb. 9, the Maryland Senate voted 29-18 to restore the vote to all convicted felons immediately upon their release from prison, overriding a veto by Maryland Governor Larry Hogan. Previously, convicted felons in Maryland had to complete all parole and probation before they were able to vote.

02/02/2016 Cruz and Clinton Lead 2016 Presidential Candidates in Iowa

01/27/2016 Climate Change Cited as Reason for Record Heat in 2015

01/13/2016 Florida's Death Penalty Unconstitutional in Part Says US Supreme Court

01/07/2016 Gun Control Executive Actions Announced by President Obama

12/14/2015 Guns, Gun Control, and Shootings since Sandy Hook

12/11/2015 2016 Presidential Candidates Debate Federal Planned Parenthood Funding

12/02/2015 Top 10 Most Surprising Things in the 2016 Presidential Candidates' Online Stores

11/25/2015 Vote Restored to Nonviolent Felons by Kentucky Governor

11/18/2015 2016 Presidential Candidates Take Positions on Using US Ground Troops to Combat ISIS

11/12/2015 Comprehensive 2016 Presidential Election Website Launched by Nonpartisan

10/30/2015 WHO Says Eating Processed Meat Causes Cancer

10/19/2015 90% of People Killed in Drone Strikes during Operation Haymaker Were Not Intended Targets

10/13/2015 Dr. Michelle Herczog Joins Board of Directors

10/07/2015 Social Networking Maintains but Does Not Start or End Most Teen Romantic Relationships

10/01/2015 End Cuba Embargo, Say Obama and Castro at United Nations

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