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05/03/2016 Thanks Educators for Teacher Appreciation Week and Best Quarter Ever

For Teacher Appreciation Week,, the nation’s most popular resource for pro and con research on controversial issues, thanks the teachers, librarians, and school administrators who helped propel the web-based educational organization to another record-breaking quarter.

04/18/2016 Pennsylvania Becomes 24th Legal Medical Marijuana State

04/15/2016 Death Penalty Used Worldwide More in 2015 than Any Time in Last 25 Years

04/07/2016 Pros, Cons, and History of Minimum Wage Debate - New Research from

03/25/2016 Debate over Physician-Assisted Suicide Drug Cost Flares Up

03/16/2016 Some Cuba Embargo Restrictions Eased ahead of Obama's Visit

03/11/2016 Presidential Quiz Matches People to 2016 Candidates

03/02/2016 2016 Presidential Candidates: How Did They Fare on Super Tuesday?

02/26/2016 2016 Presidential Candidates Debate Closing Guantanamo Bay

02/17/2016 2016 Presidential Candidates Debate Supreme Court Appointment to Replace Justice Scalia

02/11/2016 Maryland Senate Restores the Vote to Convicted Felons upon Release from Prison

02/02/2016 Cruz and Clinton Lead 2016 Presidential Candidates in Iowa

01/27/2016 Climate Change Cited as Reason for Record Heat in 2015

01/13/2016 Florida's Death Penalty Unconstitutional in Part Says US Supreme Court

01/07/2016 Gun Control Executive Actions Announced by President Obama

12/14/2015 Guns, Gun Control, and Shootings since Sandy Hook

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