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Climate Change Threatens 50 Years of Global Health Gains, Says New Lancet Study

A new study published in the medical journal Lancet found that the consequences of climate change "threatens to undermine the last half century of gains" in global healthcare. The study was conducted by the Lancet’s Commission on Health and Climate Change, a group of more than 30 researchers from universities in the United Kingdom, Germany, China, Kenya, and Sweden. It was a follow-up study to the Commission’s 2009 report which similarly concluded that "[c]limate change is the biggest global health threat of the 21st century."

07/15/2015 College Education Leads to Longer Life, Study Finds

06/26/2015 Gay Marriage Legal in All 50 States, Rules Supreme Court

06/23/2015 Satanic Temple Files Federal Lawsuit over Missouri's Abortion Restrictions

06/19/2015 Medical Marijuana Legalization Does Not Increase Teen Use, New Study Finds

06/08/2015 Climate Change Study Shows Most Americans Believe in Global Warming but Not Human Causation

05/28/2015 Nebraska Legislature Abolishes the Death Penalty, Overriding Governor’s Veto

05/21/2015 Gays Are Born That Way, Say Most Americans

05/14/2015 Vatican to Sign Treaty with Palestinian State over Israeli Objections

05/07/2015 Paraguay Denies Abortion to Pregnant 10-Year-Old Rape Victim

04/29/2015 Landmark Gay Marriage Case Heard at US Supreme Court

04/28/2015 US Drone Strike in Pakistan Kills Civilian Hostages

04/22/2015 MMR Vaccine and Autism Not Linked, Says New Study

04/17/2015 Pros and Cons of the Death Penalty for the Boston Marathon Bomber

04/03/2015 Standardized Test Cheating Scandal Lands 11 Atlanta Educators in Prison

03/25/2015 Tax Law to Benefit Churches Signed by Arizona Governor

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