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Right to Vote Restored to Nonviolent Felons by Kentucky Governor

On Nov. 24, 2015, Democratic Kentucky Governor Steven L. Beshear signed an executive order automatically restoring the ability to vote to all nonviolent felons in the state once they have completed their term of incarceration and finished serving parole and probation.

11/18/2015 2016 Presidential Candidates Take Positions on Using US Ground Troops to Combat ISIS

11/12/2015 Comprehensive 2016 Presidential Election Website Launched by Nonpartisan

10/30/2015 WHO Says Eating Processed Meat Causes Cancer

10/19/2015 90% of People Killed in Drone Strikes during Operation Haymaker Were Not Intended Targets

10/13/2015 Dr. Michelle Herczog Joins Board of Directors

10/07/2015 Social Networking Maintains but Does Not Start or End Most Teen Romantic Relationships

10/01/2015 End Cuba Embargo, Say Obama and Castro at United Nations

09/23/2015 Adult Obesity Rates Still Rising in the United States

09/16/2015 California Becomes Fifth State to Legalize Physician-Assisted Suicide

09/11/2015 House Republican Lawsuit against Obamacare Advances

09/04/2015 Gun Control and Lower Suicide Rates Linked in New Johns Hopkins Study

08/25/2015 Gay Marriage Fight Continues in Kentucky

08/20/2015 Arctic Oil Drilling Given Final Approval by Obama Administration

08/13/2015 Sports Doping Scandal Could Strip Athletes of 146 Olympic and World Championships Medals

08/06/2015 Voting Rights Act 50th Anniversary Renews Debate

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