New Design and Features as of June 30, 2008

For nearly two years the staff of has been working on a major revamp of our websites in order to improve the look, functionality, and features available on our homepage and issue sites. We have had our current design since was formed on July 12, 2004.

We are proud to announce the new sites that became available starting Monday June 30, 2008.

New Site as of 6-30-08:
former Site:

Some of the new and improved features available on our sites include:

  1. Ability to email any page on any of sites

  2. Printer-friendly format on all pages

  3. Bookmark ability on all pages

  4. Directory style navigation so you can go back to any point in your click trail. For example:

    Voting Machines Home Page > Questions - The Issues > Software > Hacking, Fraud, and Security > Are electronic voting systems vulnerable to hacking?

  5. Left column menu on all pages, so you can click to any part of the site at any time

  6. Faster server so our pages load quicker

  7. Search function on all site pages

  8. Scrolling news on homepage

  9. Date and time last updated appears on every pro-con question and biography

  10. New content upgrades made to our biographies, responses, resources, etc.

We have also upgraded our backend content management system so we can add information and make edits more efficiently.

Given the substantial amounts of data on our websites, the redesign project required a tremendous effort. We had over 25 people from six companies in five cities spend over 9,000 cumulative hours to (among other things):

* Transfer over 5,500 pro and con arguments

* Rewrite over 6,000 introductory statements

* Transfer about 1,500 resource pages

* Transfer over 2,500 source biographies

* Relink nearly 47,000 links

* Reupload over 1,400 files

* Clean up over 2,000 images

* Research and update content on thousands of pages

Not to mention all the technical backend work, the design work, the server maintenance, the database construction, and the coordination of all those people involved in the project.

If you have any comments on our new look or have suggestions for how we can continue to improve, please contact [email protected].

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