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Tracey DeFrancesco, Associate Editor & Senior Researcher

Tracey Marie DeFrancesco graduated magna cum laude from Pepperdine University with a BA in International Studies (International and Intercultural Communication concentration). As an undergraduate, Tracey interned at CNN and worked for the network at the 2000 Democratic National Convention in Los Angeles.

Tracey earned a Master's Degree in Public Policy (MPP) from the UCLA School of Public Affairs, with a Counterterrorism and National Security concentration. Her coursework focused on counterterrorism policy, models of deterrence for nuclear terrorism, and decision under uncertainty. She was a teaching assistant for courses in policy analysis, imperfect rationality, and crime control policy.

Tracey has worked as a policy analyst and consultant, and as a disaster analyst in the field of emergency preparedness. She is a Senior Contributor for Tennis View Magazine, having written several articles, including "Doping in Tennis: Exploring the Debate on Performance-Enhancing Drugs" (Aug./Sep. 2011), which featured references to Sports and Drugs ProCon.org. In July 2015, Tracey was elected Vice Chair of the Solar Turbine Project Board of Directors.

In addition to her research duties, Tracey is also primarily responsible for maintaining ProCon.org's social media, including Facebook and Twitter.

Tracey joined ProCon.org on June 25, 2007 as a researcher and was promoted to Senior Researcher in Feb. 2011. Tracey has been serving as Associate Editor since Feb. 14, 2014.


Tracey is the lead researcher in charge of the following websites: Churches and Taxes; Clinton; College Football; Cuba Embargo; Drinking Age; Drone Strikes; Golf; Medical Marijuana; Reagan; Social Networking; Sports and Drugs; Standardized Tests; and Video Games.

Tracey has contributed to the following websites: 2008 Election; 2012 Election; 2016 Election; and Big Three Auto.


310-451-9596 ext. 115; [email protected]

*Usually one person leads the research process on an issue website, and it is common for several researchers to contribute by adding biographies, questions, pro and con responses, resources, etc. The researcher in charge of the website is acknowledged as being in charge of the website, and any researcher who contributed over 250 hours or 33% of an issue website (whichever is less) is acknowledged as a contributing researcher.