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Jeffrey Hendricks, Senior Researcher

Jeffrey D. Hendricks is a two-time graduate from California State University at Long Beach. As an undergraduate Jeffrey majored in Modern United States History and was recognized on the President's Honor list. During his graduate level studies, Jeffrey maintained a 4.0 GPA while earning his Master of Arts in United States History. His main areas of historical interest are the cultural and intellectual aspects of Environmental history, Native American history, and the history of social and environmental justice movements in the United States.

His Masters Thesis, "Constructing the Panopticon: Perceptions of Wilderness, Methods of Domination and the Colonization of Native America," was published in December, 2006, and it deals with how perceptions of wilderness influenced the colonization of North America. Other topics he has researched include the effects of colonization on the Tohono O'odham Nation of Southern Arizona, witchcraft persecutions in the Colonial US, and the Weather Underground - an anti-war organization active during the Vietnam War period.

Jeffrey has worked with many organizations including the Save Ward Valley Coalition, Los Angeles and Long Beach Food Not Bombs, the O'odham Solidarity Project, and others.

Jeffrey joined ProCon.org on June 25, 2007, and he was promoted to Senior Researcher in Jan. 2012.


Jeffrey is the lead researcher in charge of the following websites: 2016 Election; 2012 Election; 2008 Election; Alternative Energy; Animal Testing; Cell Phones; Climate Change; Concealed Guns; Death Penalty; Felon Voting; Obamacare; Insider Trading; Right to Health Care; Under God in the Pledge; US Iraq; Vegetarian; Voting Machines; and the WTC Muslim Center.

Jeffrey has contributed to the following websites: Gold Standard and Milk.


310-451-9596 ext. 108; [email protected]

*Usually one person leads the research process on an issue website, and it is common for several researchers to contribute by adding biographies, questions, pro and con responses, resources, etc. The researcher in charge of the website is acknowledged as being in charge of the website, and any researcher who contributed over 250 hours or 33% of an issue website (whichever is less) is acknowledged as a contributing researcher.