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Natalie Leppard, Researcher

Natalie R. Leppard graduated from Meredith College with a BA in English and earned a Master's Degree in English from North Carolina State University, with a focus on American Literature. While completing the MA, she taught an Honor's Colloquium focused on community service and wrote the thesis, "'The joy of meaning and design wrenched out of chaos': The Modernismpostmodernism Continuum of James Joyce's Ulysses and Don DeLillo's The Names."

Natalie earned a PhD in English from the University of South Carolina, focusing on Twentieth Century American Literature. Her dissertation, "Finding a Pen in a Pile of Grenades: Postmodern American Literature, a Spectacular Definition of Terrorism, and the Response to 9/11," was completed in August 2007 and explores terrorism in post-1985 literature as pre- and post-9/11 while creating a definition of terrorism based on spectacle. During her graduate studies, Natalie was a First Year English Instructor and taught literature courses on controversial topics. She also co-chaired the American Literature Colloquium.

Natalie worked as an English Professor for Kaplan University. She published articles in The Explicator and the "Terror and Textuality" edition of Exit 9.

Natalie joined ProCon.org on July 16, 2012.


Natalie is the lead researcher in charge of the following websites: Born Gay; College Education; DARE; Euthanasia; Gay Marriage; Gun Control; Illegal Immigration; Obesity; Prescription Drug Ads; School Uniforms; Tablets & Textbooks; and Vaccines.

Natalie has contributed to the following website: 2016 Election.


310-451-9596 ext. 114; [email protected]

*Usually one person leads the research process on an issue website, and it is common for several researchers to contribute by adding biographies, questions, pro and con responses, resources, etc. The researcher in charge of the website is acknowledged as being in charge of the website, and any researcher who contributed over 250 hours or 33% of an issue website (whichever is less) is acknowledged as a contributing researcher.