Donors & Sponsors (2012-2016)

We thank our donors (who give money) and sponsors (who give goods or services) for their generous contributions to, which help keep our operations going and allow us to continue our mission of promoting critical thinking, education, and informed citizenship.

Donations prior to 2012 can be seen on our 990 Reports and Audited Financials. We have honored the requests of our donors wishing to remain anonymous, only listing their home state. Anonymous donors are listed last in each category.

Founder's Circle
$100,000 and above

A-Mark Financial
A-Mark Financial Corporation
Incorporated in 1965 by Steven C. Markoff, A-Mark Financial Corporation (AMFC) is involved in deal making asset-based loans. AMFC has donated rent and accounting services to since 2004.

A-MARK Foundation
The goals of the A-Mark Foundation are to: "Help a few people and organizations that serve a charitable, educational or humanitarian purpose” and to "Produce and support nonpartisan research, and the understanding of diverse topics by presenting them in a nonpartisan way.”
"Home,” (accessed Jan. 12, 2016)

AMAG, Inc.
This Santa Monica-based company engages in mid-sized investment banking and asset-based loans.

Annenberg Foundation
Annenberg Foundation
"The Annenberg Foundation is a family foundation that provides funding and support to nonprofit organizations in the United States and globally. The Foundation and its Board of Directors are also directly involved in the community with innovative projects that further its mission to advance public well-being through improved communication. The Foundation encourages the development of effective ways to share ideas and knowledge.”
Statement provided by the Annenberg Foundation to, Nov. 4, 2013

Google is a recipient of a Google Ad Grants award. The Google Ad Grants program supports registered nonprofit organizations that share Google's philosophy of community service to help the world in areas such as science and technology, education, global public health, the environment, youth advocacy and the arts. Google Ad Grants is an in-kind advertising program that awards free online advertising to nonprofits via Google AdWords.

Joseph Drown Foundation
The Joseph Drown Foundation ( "...attempts to reflect directly the interests of Joseph Drown by focusing its resources on the areas which particularly concerned him. These include education, medical and scientific research; community, health and social services and, to a lesser degree, the arts and humanities.

The Joseph Drown Foundation's goal is to assist individuals in becoming successful, self-sustaining, contributing citizens.

The Foundation is interested in programs that break down any barrier that prevents a person from continuing to grow and learn."
"Mission Statement," (accessed Jan 12, 2016)

Steven C. Markoff (California)

$25,000 - $99,999

Hawley Troxel
Hawley Troxell Ennis & Hawley LLP
Hawley Troxell Ennis & Hawley is Idaho's largest business law firm.
"Our collective experience lets us provide solutions to the challenges of doing business, from formation to exit. Whether one-on-one counsel or a team approach, we tailor our services to meet our clients’ needs at competitive Idaho rates.”
"About Us," (accessed Nov. 15, 2012)

The Roddenberry Foundation
"Gene Roddenberry, through compassion and creativity, brought to his audiences meaningful and thought-provoking science fiction. His aim was to push people to 'think, question and challenge the status quo of the world in which we live' with the intention of creating ‘a brighter future'… Eugene 'Rod' Roddenberry took his father's philosophy to heart and in 2010 decided to harness the inspiration and build on the values embodied by Gene's ideals by establishing The Roddenberry Foundation… and building the Roddenberry legacy beyond the Star Trek universe, turning science fiction into science fact, and creating tangible and meaningful change in communities."
"Mission" and "Foundation," (accessed Mar. 25, 2015)

Teletrade, online at, has been one of America's largest certified coin and currency auction houses since 1986. Teletrade operates an interactive auction website that allows customers to browse upcoming auctions, research past auction prices realized, and bid on 3,500+ coins per week.
"About Teletrade and Our Team,” (accessed Feb. 8, 2013)

Anonymous Foundation Donor (New York)

Anonymous Foundation Donor (Texas)

$10,000 - $24,999

Education Next
is a quarterly journal of opinion and research that bases its editorial policy on the premise that the education sector is ripe for major change and reform. New content is available daily on their blog. (accessed Nov. 19, 2015)

The Green Foundation
"Leonard I. Green was a pioneer in the development of the leveraged buyout industry and founded his company Leonard Green & Partners, L.P. in 1989. The Green Foundation, with a primary focus on the arts, education, and human services, seeks to preserve and enhance Leonard’s philanthropic vision.”
"Homepage," (accessed Nov. 7, 2015)

The Herb Block Foundation
is "committed to defending the basic freedoms guaranteed all Americans, combating all forms of discrimination and prejudice and improving the conditions of the poor and underprivileged through the creation or support of charitable and educational programs with the same goals."
"The Foundation,” (accessed Nov. 19, 2015)

Michael Klein Foundation (California)

Norris and Debra Bishton Foundation

S. Shimohara (California)

$5,000 - $9,999

J. Abele (Vermont)

Film Finances (California)

Freeman & Sear (California)

B. & M. Markoff (California)

Participant Media (California)

Jadwiga Markoff (California)

S. Ransohoff (California)

San Miguelito Partners (California)


$1,000 - $4,999

G. Axelrod (Hawaii)

Mark & Susan Babst (Beverly Hills, CA)

J. Baszile (California)

M. Benjamin (California)

W. Butler (Georgia)

N. Cassavettes (California)

ChameleonJohn Coupons

Rosalinde and Arthur Gilbert Foundation (California)

J. Gorman (Washington)

R. Howard (California)

Steve Ivy (Dallas, Texas)

J. & J. Kurtz (Idaho)

P.A. Lange (New Jersey)

G. McWilliams (California)

Official Coupon Code

J. Rakow (California)

S. & D. Sparks (California)

S.E. Starke-Wallace (California)

G. Teruya (Michigan)

The English Teacher's Friend (Florida) (California)

Travel Ticker

M. Tuchin (California)


Ben Wegbreit (California)

Tawnya Wojciechowski (California)

"An Anonymous Adviser" (state not known)

Anonymous (New York)

$100 - $999

S. Ach (Illinois)
G. Adams (state not known)
J. Adelsman (California)
J. Akhavan (California)
K. Akhavan (California)
H.E. Alexander (California)
P. Anderson (California)
D. Arend (state not known)
W. Atkinson (Massachusetts)
R. Austin (California)
H. Baldwin (California)
P. Bentley (Florida)
M. Bray (California)
P. & C. Belcher (California)
Bepoz America -
T. Blanchard (New York)
J. Bloom (Minnesota)
A. Bones (Nebraska)
D. Brookley (Pennsylvania)
J. Brown (New York)
K. Chatman (Arkansas)
E. Chestnut (Washington)
D. Crocker (California)
K. Corrigan (Florida)
M. Cubas (California)
M. Del Castillo (state not known)
J. Dillon (Pennsylvania)
G. Dolan (Texas)
G. Dyer (Oregon)
J. Dyhengco (British Columbia)
M. Eberle (Colorado)
M. Eddy (Maryland)
W. Eddy (state not known)
L. Edwards (Washington)
The Elite OC
D. Fredrickson (California)
K. Fredrickson (California)
A. Frisoni (Illinois)
F. Galang (Philippines)
R. Garrard (Georgia)
R. Geer (Texas)
M. George (Texas)
A. Glew (Oregon)
A. Goldman (Connecticut)
G. Goodman (Pennsylvania)
P. Gregg (Illinois)
M. Gutierrez (California)
E. Gutshall (California)
S. Hall (Texas)
A. Hamilton (Kansas)
C. Hamilton (state not known)
J. Hansen (California)
R. Hansen (California)
J. Harris (California)
A. Hedjazi (California)
E. & R. Hiersteiner (state not known)
J. Hernandez (state not known)
R. Hewey (state not know)
J. Hiatt (California)
M. Hill (Oregon)
D. Hohmeyer (California)
S. Howes (Missouri)
T. Hussain (California)
H. Ickes (Virginia)
M. Isaac (California)
D. Jameson (Illinois)
C. T. Jones (state not known)
K. Kanz (California)
H. Kaslow (California)
R. Katz (Illinois)
L. King (California)
K. Kovacs (California)
D. Kulok (New York)
L. Lauder (California)
A. Lay (California)
R. Loeffler (state not known)
C. Mackay (Texas)
J. Marcus (Missouri)
D. Martin (Florida)
L. Maxie (Virginia)
W. McClellan (Virginia)
J. Merrill (California)
L. Meyer (state not known)
Microsoft (Washington)
D. Morley (state not known)
J. Myers (Virginia)
J. Myers (state not known)
E. Nadelmann (state not known)
National Association for Media Literacy Education (NAMLE)
R. Neutra (California)
D. Nixon (Florida)
E. Parent (Florida)
Peckham Family Foundation (White Plains, NY)
V. Peterson (state not known)
G. Pink (California)
J. Pink (California)
B. Polonsky (Wisconsin)
W. Pretorius (New York)
D. Price (New York)
M. Rabkin (Massachusetts)
S. Louis Rathje (Illinois)
M. Reeves (Nevada)
Renaissance Charitable Foundation (Indiana)
S. Ricar (California)
M. Rooney (Massachusetts)
H. Rubin (California)
R. Schofield (Hawaii)
N. Schuhrke (state not known)
P. Sheppard (state not known)
M. Soloff (California)
L. Springer (California)
S. Sprinkle (Georgia)
J. Sullivan (Nevada)
B. Swanson (Illinois)
E. Taylor (California)
P. A. Thatcher (Maryland)
D. Thompson (Colorado)
M. Tiffany (California)
R. Towbridge (California)
G. Tsankov (Colorado)
L. Van (California)
L. Vodopija (Florida)
M. Wallace (Pennsylvania)
A. Wells (California)
R. Werbylo (Colorado)
D. Westlake (New York)
M. Whiting (California)
K. Wilson (Alabama)
G. Wimmer (South Carolina)
T. Zebo (New Jersey)
M. Zwelling (Ontario)

Anonymous (Arizona)
Anonymous (California)
2 Anonymous (Louisiana)
Anonymous (Iowa)
11 Anonymous (state not known)

$1 - $99

Aardvark Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (Washington)
H. Abel (Kansas)
R. Abdul-Rahman (Georgia) (California)
C. Adams (Pennsylvania)
C. Adams (Alabama)
M. Aguilar (California)
C. Ahuna (Texas)
R. Ake (North Carolina)
A. Alenson (Massachusetts)
L. Alexander (North Carolina)
W. Alire (California)
J. Allen (Ohio)
S. Allen (Oregon)
C. Allen-Gentry (Nebraska)
E. Allred (state not known)
C. Alsberg (Illinois)
J. Altman (Wisconsin)
M. Alvarez (Wisconsin)
D. Anderson (South Carolina)
G. Anderson (Michigan)
J. Andrade (California)
C. Andrus (North Dakota)
L. Arch (state not known)
M. Argus (New York)
A. Ariana (New York)
B. Ashe (state not known)
T. Astleford (Florida)
E. Augot (Massachusetts)
R. Austin (California)
Automotive Systems Training (Nevada)
S. Avellino (Pennsylvania)
N. Baaith (state not known)
J. Bachovchin (Pennsylvania)
J. Baker (North Carolina)
J. Bally (California)
J. Banks (state not known)
D. Bannister (South Carolina)
M. Barnes (Texas)
A. Barth (state not known)
S. Bates (Nevada)
D. Bauman (Virginia)
J. Baux (Nevada)
L. Beasley (Colorado)
B. Bechtel (Oklahoma)
P. Becnel (Utah)
M. Bednarczyk (Ohio)
B. Beetle (North Carolina)
C. Bell (Michigan)
M. Benson (state not known)
D. Bentley (California)
M. Bergeron (Massachusetts)
R. Berkeley (Colorado)
P. Bermon (Vermont)
N. Bernasconi (state not known)
F. Berry (California)
A. Betance (Colorado)
A. Bevan (state not known)
J. Beverly (Illinois)
C. Bevers
K. Bezan (state not known)
Y. Bi (Georgia)
J.P. Bianchi (state not known)
G. Bird (Michigan)
J. Blumberg (Florida)
E. Bohlin (state not known)
J. Booth (California)
M. Borges (state not known)
G. Bouchard (New York)
C. Brace (Illinois)
D. Braun (Montana)
E. Brauer (California)
B. Brenman (Delaware)
T. Brennan (California)
J. Breslow (New York)
T. Brockbank (California)
J. & M. Brooks (Missouri)
M. Brower (California)
C. Brown (Nevada)
J. Brown (Michigan)
K. Brown (Texas)
W. Brown (state not known)
D. Bruschi (Colorado)
T. Buchanan (California)
S. Buckland (Colorado)
J. Burgess (state not known)
W. Buri (Pennsylvania)
D. Burnight (state not known)
A. Burkoff (Oregon)
A. Burton (Georgia)
J. Burwinkel (Ohio)
N. Busano (New York)
A. Butler (California)
J. Butler (California)
M. Cahill (Indiana)
J. Callaghan (Pennsylvania)
S. Camacho-Otero (Oregon)
M. Campbell (California)
A. Campillo (Virginia)
M. Campos (California)
L. Cannon (Kentucky)
N. Capretto (Pennsylvania)
M. Carpentier (California)
D. Carter (state not known)
L. Case (Great Britain)
J. Castonguay (Georgia)
J. Chang (state not known)
J. Chapman (Texas)
J. Charles (Texas)
J. Chase (Florida)
R. Chavez (New Mexico)
S. Chen (Michigan)
A. Chiaramonte (Maryland)
M. Chipman (New York)
Y. Cho (Washington)
C.W. Choc (Arizona)
C. Chuey (Ohio)
D. Clark (Illinois)
M. Clements (Alabama)
C. Coan (state not known)
R. Cogan (Pennsylvania)
A. Cohen (Washington)
R. Cohen (state not known)
A. Colleraine (California)
I. Colon (Florida)
D. Confer (Ohio)
L. Cooke (Oregon)
V. Corcoran (Kansas)
E. Cornwell (Ohio)
D. Costner (Georgia)
J. Cote (California)
C. Couch (New Mexico)
R. Cousins (New York)
M. Coutinho (Brazil)
J. Covici (state not known)
G. Cox (California)
M.Cox (New York)
L. Crawford (California) Foundation (Arizona)
J. Crow (Arizona)
T. Crow (state not known)
D. Crownover (Florida)
C. Cruz (Virginia)
Z. Cui (China)
S. Cummings (Virginia)
R. Culbertson (Colorado)
P. Cunha (state not known)
A. Czelusniak (state not known)
T. Daily (Indiana)
V. Dalton (Arizona)
M. Danielson (Colorado)
S. Darnell (Tennessee)
A. DaSilva (Massachusetts)
B. Davis (state not known)
C. Davis (Florida)
T. Davis (New Jersey)
K. De (California)
J. Decker (California)
A. De Courcy (Ohio)
F. DeCroos (Tennessee)
S. Deetsch (Kentucky)
S. De Freitas (Arizona)
L. Delk (Arkansas)
R. De Luca (New Jersey)
K. Dennis (Utah)
J. DeSimone (Virginia)
S. Dice (Maine)
J. Dillard (Texas)
B. Dillon (New Hampshire)
R. Dills (Washington)
D. Dilts (California)
P. Dinardo (state not known)
C. Di Tella (New York)
D.L. White & Associates (Pennsylvania)
C. Dodson (California)
S. Doherty (Florida)
R. Dollard (New Hampshire)
F. Dölzer (Germany)
E. Dombrowski (Ohio)
S. Donnelly (Ohio)
B. Doten (California)
S. Douglass (Oregon)
R. Downing (British Columbia)
R. Downing (Canada)
J. Downs (state not known)
S. Doyle (Illinois)
T. Doyle (Indiana)
R. Drew (Tennessee)
W. DuBroff (state not known)
G. Duchesne (Rhode Island)
R. Dude (state not known)
A. Dumoff (Maryland)
S. Duane (New Jersey)
S. Duncan (state not known)
N. Dwork (California)
A. Eason (Maryland)
L. Eberhard (New York)
D. Edwin (California)
A. Eib (state not known)
J. Einsmann (Florida)
B. Eisenstadt (New York)
L. Ekroth (state not known)
R. Elias (California)
J. Ellsworth (state not known)
E. Emerick (Kentucky)
J. Enamorado (Texas)
S. Enayati (California)
L. Ensor (New Jersey)
J. Epstein (Maryland)
B. Eshoo (Illinois)
K. Eshoo (California)
M. Esposito (New York)
S. Esser (California)
M. Eureste (Texas)
S. Euston (North Carolina)
J. Eyster (Wisconsin)
B. Fagin (Florida)
M. Falendysz (Illinois)
J. Faville (Massachusetts)
S. Feeney (New York)
M. Feldheim (New Jersey)
J. Felice (Virginia)
F. Fiedler (Delaware)
J. Fields (state not known)
E. Figueroa (Florida)
A. Finger (state not known)
B. Finley (California)
M. Finneran (Vermont)
D. Fischetti (New Jersey)
K. Fisher (state not known)
J. Flaherty (state not known)
L. Flowers (North Carolina)
E. Forbes (New York)
P. Ford (Massachusetts)
G. Forrester (Texas)
Forrester Contracting, Inc. (Florida)
M. Fox (state not known)
J. Fraad (New York)
C. Francis (Ontario)
D. Frank (state not known)
N. Franklin (state not known)
T. Fraser (Alberta, Canada)
S. Frazer (Florida)
D. Freeman (Idaho)
B. Frei (California)
N. French (Georgia)
R. Gallagher (Ohio)
D. Gallin (New York)
E. Gansou (Maryland)
G. Garber (Michigan)
J. Garcia (Oregon)
V. Garcia (Maine)
G. Gianutsos (Connecticut)
M. Gilliam (Washington)
W. Ginsburg (state not known)
T. Glaser (Florida)
L. Godboldte (South Carolina)
Art Golden (Guttenberg, NJ)
S. Goldman (Colorado)
D. Gomez (Hawaii)
R. Gore (state not known)
D. Gosnell (Iowa)
B. Gould (California)
M. Gourmet (state not known)
J. Grabar (Hawaii)
E. Grace (Colorado)
H. Graham (Missouri)
P. Grande (state not known)
D. Granniss (Massachusetts)
R. Grant (Washington)
W. Graves (state not known)
J. Green (Illinois)
M. Greenberg (Illinois)
J. Gresham (Colorado)
L. Grice (California)
S. Griffin (District of Columbia)
P. Griset (California)
E. Groendtveit (Norway)
N. Guenther (Texas)
T. Guilfoyle (New Hampshire)
A. Gwaltney (state not known)
D. Hainline (England)
M. Hale (Utah)
R. Haley (Indiana)
B. Hall (Maryland)
L. Hall (Maine)
N. Hallman (Ohio)
T. Han (Maryland)
S. Hanley (California)
A. Harmon (Washington)
R. Harris (Connecticut)
S. Hartmann (Florida)
D. Harvey (Minnesota)
S. Haskins (Missouri)
F. Hatch (Texas)
J. Hawkes (Australia)
L. Hawkins (Wisconsin)
S. Hayes (California)
M. Haynes (Massachusetts)
R. Healey (state not known)
K. Hegi (state not known)
L. Helle (Illinois)
D. Helmer (state not known)
N. Henderson (Idaho)
J. Hendricks (California)
A. Henry (state not known)
Heritage Gardens (Tennessee)
C. Hernandez (California)
A. Hernandez (Ohio)
M. Hernandez (New York)
J. Hernandez (state not known)
J. Hernandez (Florida)
J. Hightshoe (Indiana)
T. Hersant (California)
E. Hiersteiner (Massachusetts)
D. Hill (Maine)
H. Hill (New Jersey)
M. Hill (state not known)
P. Hilts (Washington)
K. Hoag (Illinois)
J. Hodge (Minnesota)
A. Hoffman (Nevada)
D. Hoh (New Jersey)
C. Holm (state not known)
S. Holtz (California)
R. Hommon (state not known)
R. Hopson (Arizona)
N. Howard (Washington)
A. Hoy (Colorado)
A. Huang (California)
J. Huggins (Colorado)
J. Hughes (state not known)
S. Hutson (North Carolina)
K. Ikeda (state not known)
E. Imbier (Massachusetts)
J. Indelicato (North Carolina)
S. Irvin (California)
V. Israel (state not known)
I. Ivy (state not known)
B. Jackson (Indiana)
M. Jacobs (state not known)
E. Jacobson (California)
S. Jacobson (California)
D. Jameson (Illinois)
S. Jani (state not known)
H. Jarnaghan (California)
F. Jasso (Florida)
J. Java (Tennessee)
G. Jenkin (Texas)
S. Jenkins (California)
Y. Jin (Virginia)
B. Johnson (Minnesota)
D. Johnson (Arkansas)
T. Johnson (New Jersey)
K. Johnston (state not known)
K. Joki (California)
D. Jones (Connecticut)
L. Jones (Kansas)
R. Jones (California)
K. Jordan (California)
R. Jordan-Keller (Pennsylvania)
K. Joyes (state not known)
S. Jurras (California)
L. Ka (Rhode Island)
A. Kampf (Minnesota)
M. Kane (Texas)
S. Kaplan (California)
G. Katell (California)
J. Katell (California)
H. Kaslow (California)
C. Kaufman (Washington)
N. Keane (New York)
R. Kearney (Pennsylvania)
S. Kelewae (Ohio)
P. Kelley (Illinois)
L. Keller (Pennsylvania)
K. Kelly (California)
E. Kennedy (Kansas)
K. Kenyon (California)
D. Kerstetter (Vermont)
J. Kidder (Colorado)
C. King (North Carolina)
K. King (Arizona)
I. Kirilova (California)
W. Kohatsu (Hawaii)
G. Kostalkowicz (Poland)
C. Kozeracki (California)
N. Kreonidis (New York)
V. Kross (Massachusetts)
R. Kubota (California)
T. Kucim (California)
C. Kufs (Pennsylvania)
S. Kull (Pennsylvania)
LaMark Group, Inc. (Texas)
M. Lamon (New York)
K. Landrove (Virginia)
M. LaRont (Arizona)
P. Larrabee (Utah)
S. Larson (Illinois)
M. Laskin (New York)
E. Laufer (California)
M. Laughlin (state not known)
Laura and John Arnold Foundation (Houston, Texas)
H. Laurie (California)
M. Lavoie (Connecticut)
R. & L. Lawrence (state not known)
L. Lazar (Missouri)
L. League (Kentucky)
J. Lee (California)
D. Lee (British Columbia)
J. Lennon (New York)
S. Lessaris (Illinois)
W. Letourneau (Pennsylvania)
G. Lever (Florida)
J. Levine (Maryland)
E. Lewis (Washington)
W. Linden (Wisconsin)
L. Lipert (District of Columbia)
M. Lira (Wisconsin)
M. Liszewski (District of Columbia)
J. Lobsenz (Connecticut)
K. Lockwood (Pennsylvania)
R. Loeffler (state not known)
S. Loftin (Missouri)
D. Logan (Florida)
G. Lovett (California)
A. Luetzow (California)
K. Lut (California)
S. Lutz (state not known)
S. Lux (Rhode Island)
A. Lyche (Oregon)
T. Lyons (state not known)
M. Machen (New Mexico)
J. Mackey (Kansas)
E. Madison (New Mexico)
V. Madrid (state not known)
P. Magganas (California)
A. Magnano (Nevada)
K. Mahan (state not known)
C. Malchose (Kansas)
Mann Interactive (California)
T. Markanson (California)
S. Markov (state not known)
S. Marquis (California)
T. Marsh (state not known)
R. Marshall (state not known)
J. Marten (Wisconsin)
M. Mason (state not known)
D. Matson (Arizona)
H. Matthews (Utah)
A. Mattson (Washington)
M. May (Connecticut)
H. Mayhew (District of Columbia)
D. McAlee (Florida)
K. McCarthy (Connecticut)
R. McCarthy (New Jersey)
B. McConnell (New Mexico)
B. McDonald (Oregon)
C. McDonough (Illinois)
S. McFarlane (North Carolina)
L. Mcinnis (Florida)
E. Mcintyre (Washington)
R. McKee (Texas)
E. McMillan (state not known)
F. Meacham (U.S. Armed Forces for the Pacific)
L. Meador (Colorado)
D. Meersman (Arizona)
Mendocino Censored Museum (state not known)
S. Metelko (state not known)
J. Metzger (Virginia)
B. Meyer (Minnisota)
A. Michael (North Carolina)
J. Miles (state not known)
C. Miller (Maryland)
J. Miller (Ohio)
P. Miller (state not known)
T. Miller (California)
J. Mitchell (Colorado)
V. Moehling (Illinois)
L. Mohammed (California)
C. Molnar (California)
CJ. Montgomery (Washington)
J. Moore (Michigan)
K. Moorefield (North Carolina)
E. Morin (Massachusetts)
E. Morris (Texas)
N. Morrison (Kansas)
M. Morgan (New Jersey)
D. Morley (South Carolina)
S. Mortensen (state not known)
R. Mossholder (Texas)
E. Mullen (New York)
G. Muller-Schlosser (Germany)
J. Muneyyirci (New Jersey)
T. Munson (Colorado)
A. Muraccioli (France)
J. Murtaugh (Minnesota)
T. Nachtigal (Kansas)
C. Nadeau (California)
E. Naffah (California)
R. Nakai (Colorado)
J. Nebot (California)
K. Nechodom (state not known)
T. Nelson (Arizona)
W. Nelson (Ohio)
D. Newman (New York)
K. Nguyen (state not known)
T. Nguyen (Texas)
M. Nikolai (Utah)
K. Norfleet (state not known)
A.J. Notarides (California)
D. Oberlin (California)
M. O'Brien (Pennsylvania)
T. O'Brien (Texas)
S. O'Byrne (Georgia)
C. Ochieng (New Jersey)
T. O'Hara (Washington)
M.A. Ojeda (state not known)
C. Olk (state not known)
S. Olsen (Utah)
B. Orvell (California)
M. Osgood (Oregon)
Our Mom Spot, LLC (Virginia)
R. Ait Ouazzou (New York) 
F. Owens (Virginia)
T. Owens (California)
C. Paganis (Massachusetts)
J. Page (state not known)
R. Page (Georgia)
PaisleyPoodle (Kansas)
L. Paolino (Illinois)
D. Papa (California)
H. Papageorge (New York)
N. Paradise (California)
S. Paris (Texas)
E. Parr (Massachusetts)
V. Pascalino (California)
M. Patchell (California)
J. Patel (state not known)
J. Patton (Tennessee)
B. Peckham (Colorado)
C. Pederson (state not known)
G. Pelton-Saito (Illinois)
A. Pendyal (California)
P. Perez (California)
D. Peters (Wisconsin)
T. Perez (Kansas)
J. Perkins (New Mexico)
G. Peterson (Illinois)
Piglt Inc. (California)
M. Pittenger (Florida)
L. Points (Iowa)
K. Polacci (California)
D. Poortenga (California)
J. Postlewait (California)
H. Poteet (Colorado)
K. Powers (Georgia)
Premiere (Maryland)
A. Proffitt (state not known)
E. Proffit (state not known)
Puff Squared (state not known)
A. Pugh (Florida)
P. Pyle (Ohio)
E. Quinlan (Massachusetts)
K. Quinn (Massachusetts)
RadicalRuss Media (Oregon)
K. Raeihle (Kentucky)
A. Rangel (Nevada)
R. Ragsdale (Arizona)
M. Ramirez (Texas)
C. Ratfield (California)
S. Rawlins (state not known)
Razoo Foundation (Washington, DC)
E. Reed (state not known)
P. Reed (Louisiana)
K. Regan (New Jersey)
P. Reilley (Texas)
V. Renfro (Texas)
H. Renshaw (state not known)
M. Rice (Texas)
V. Rich (New Jersey)
J. Richman (Massachusetts)
J. Riquelme (Spain)
P. Rister (California)
A. Roberts (Pennsylvania)
J. Roberts (state not known)
M.J. Roberts (Indiana)
S. Robinette (Utah)
C. Robinson (Utah)
J. Roitman (Kansas)
A. Rojas (Florida)
S. Roman (Arizona)
L. Romans (Tennessee)
C. Ross (New Hampshire)
J. Ross (Florida)
D. Roth (state not known)
J. Roth (Minnesota)
G. Rowe (state not known)
C. Rudd (California)
M. Ryan (Washington)
B. Rothman (Connecticut)
G. Salmon (MIssouri)
M. Salmony (state not known)
J. Sam (state not known)
C. Samek (state not known)
P. Sampson (Massachusetts)
K. Santana (California)
N. Sapalicio (California)
J. Schaffer (state not known)
D. Scharfman (state not known)
L. Schefkowitz (New York)
M. Schill (Wisconsin)
H. Schlenker (Virginia)
L. Schmitt (Colorado)
S. Schrader (New Jersey)
R. Schramm (Ohio)
M. Schrek (state not known)
S. Schultz (Missouri)
D. Schweitzer (Connecticut)
C. Scotton (Illinois)
T. Scudder (California)
R. Seaman (state not known)
A. Sebula (Connecticut)
C. Segura (Virginia)
R. Serben (Missouri)
J. Shaffer (state not known)
K. Shapero (Florida)
D. Sharer (Pennsylvania)
C. Shelley (Washington)
B. Shupe (Colorado)
J. Sibley (Nevada)
A. Sickler (California)
J. Silvey (Washington)
J. Slane (California)
A. Slopek (Ohio)
D. Smith (Rhode Island)
E. Smith (Illinois)
G. Smith (Minnesota)
H. Smith (Florida)
J. Smith (Pennsylvania)
K. Smith (Alabama)
K. Smith (Washington)
P. Smith (Virginia)
T. Smith (state not known)
W. Smith (Texas)
M. Snyder (Indiana)
I. Solway (Michigan)
C. Sonneborn (Maryland)
M. Soto-Schwarz (state not known)
N. Spaeder (Missouri)
T. Spayth (Vermont)
S. Spence (Delaware)
J. Spiegel (Ohio)
K. Springer (Washington)
L. Springer (California)
L. Springer (California)
M. Spiro (Washington)
D. Standley (California)
J. Stanford (Utah)
W. Stark (New Mexico)
J. Steele (state not known)
T. Steenhuysen (state not known)
P. Stefanisko (California)
J. Stein (California)
S. Stein (South Carolina)
E. Steiner (New Zealand)
S. Steinberg (California)
M. Steindam (state not known)
N. Stevens (California)
C. Stewart (Australia)
D. Stewart (Washington)
G. Stewart (state not known)
S. Stewart (Texas)
Sticks & Stones MT (Montana)
L. Stiner (Iowa)
G. & D. Stockman (Florida)
L. Sueoka (state not known)
M. Suka (Finland)
K. Sullivan (California)
R. Sun (California)
E. Suraci (Pennsylvania)
T. Surber (North Carolina)
L. Sutton (Georgia)
V. Sutton (state not known)
M. Svatek (Nevada)
E. & J. Swain (California)
C. Swaney (Missouri)
B. Swanson (Illinois)
A. Sydoruk (California)
E. Tadesse (state not known)
S. Tamboli (New Jersey)
A. Talbott (Pennsylvania)
N. Tang (Iowa)
J. Taron (Washington)
L. Taylor-Neumann (state not known)
M. Teh (California)
M. Tenzer (California)
H.D. Thacker (Florida)
R. Thomas (Arizona)
Thomas Hunter Middle School (Virginia)
F. Thorlin (Texas)
T. Thorn (Idaho)
M. Thornburg (North Carolina)
S. Thorodssen (Iceland)
J. Thurston (California)
S. Titus (Michigan)
J. Tomaszewski (New Jersey)
N. Tran (California)
I. Treufeld (Ohio)
V. Troiano (California)
J. Tucker (New Jersey)
V. Turner (state not known)
D. Tyson (state not known)
S. Ust (New Jersey)
K. Utz (Maryland)
S. Uyeda (California)
A. Valdes (Florida)
M. Valdez (Colorado)
S. Valerio (Pennsylvania)
G. Valley (Colorado)
G. Van Der Straaten (Netherlands)
J. Varon (California)
K. Vealey (West Virginia)
K. Velez (state not known)
D. Velissaratos (California)
H. Venable (Florida)
L. Vending (Texas)
B. Vetter (Idaho)
S. Vidal (Illinois)
A. Villalobos (California)
M. Villanueva (state not known)
B. Voldahl (Minnesota)
J. Vorderbruegge (Vermont)
M. Voss (state not known)
S. Waclo (Nevada)
E. Wagner (Illinois)
T. Wagner (Oregon)
G. Waite (Michigan)
M. Walker (California)
C. Wallace (California)
G. Walter (California)
S. Wandling (state not known)
K. Washington (California)
A. Waterman (California)
H. Watson (Ohio)
K. Watson (Texas)
R. Watson (Nevada)
W. Webb (Virginia)
B. Webster (Hawaii)
C. Wertheimer (Kansas)
T. Wehmeier (state not known)
M. Weir (California)
J. Weiss (Illinois)
WellLife Massage (Missouri)
D. Wells (Tennessee)
R. Wells (Wyoming)
Wellsprings (Oregon)
M. Wermers (California)
R. Whitney (New York)
S. Whittaker (Massachusetts)
B. Williams (Indiana)
D. Williams (Pennsylvania)
J. Williams (Georgia)
S. Wiliamson (Florida)
F. Williston (Pennsylvania)
A. Wilkerson (Alabama)
Wilson Advertising (state not known)
A. Wiseman (state not known)
K. Wittman (state not known)
C. Wobster (Ohio)
M. Wolfe (Pennsylvania)
P. Wonder (New York)
J. Woodward (Wisconsin)
Word Nerdy Editing (state not known)
W. Wright (state not known)
S. Wurth (Arizona)
T. Wymond (California)
T. Xiong (Ohio)
S. Yakutis (New Hampshire)
M. Yancey (Texas)
R. Yonon (Florida)
J. Young (Oregon)
Y. Yuan (China)
S. Zarakov (California)
T. Zebe (Illinois)
H. Zhang (Ontario)
J. Ziegler (California)
S. Zimmer (Ohio)
L. Zimmerman (California)
M. Zimmerman (Massachusetts)
R. Zoellmer (Michigan)
ZooPens (Iowa)

3 Anonymous (Arizona)
15 Anonymous (California)
3 Anonymous (Colorado)
Anonymous (District of Columbia)
3 Anonymous (Florida)
2 Anonymous (Georgia)
Anonymous (Illinois)
Anonymous (Indiana)
Anonymous (Iowa)
Anonymous (Kentucky)
Anonymous (Massachusetts)
2 Anonymous (Michigan)
2 Anonymous (Minnesota)
Anonymous (Missouri)
Anonymous (Nevada)
Anonymous (New Hampshire)
Anonymous (New Mexico)
2 Anonymous (New York)
Anonymous (North Carolina)
2 Anonymous (Oregon)
Anonymous (Pennsylvania)
Anonymous (South Carolina)
3 Anonymous (Texas)
2 Anonymous (Utah)
3 Anonymous (Wisconsin)
81 Anonymous (state not known)