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10 new cases

NEW: Ten new case summaries have been posted in the ACLU in the Supreme Court section:

Albright v. Oliver (1994)
After a man’s drug case is dismissed he alleges his due process rights were violated for being tried in the first place

Idaho v. Wright (1990)
The admissibility of a young girl’s statements regarding sexual abuse by her parents is challenged in the courts

City of Springfield v. Kibbe (1987)
Police department is sued for shooting a man during pursuit

Allen v. McCurry (1980)
Man convicted of heroin possession and intent to kill seeks relief for an alleged 4th Amendment violation

Smith v. Daily Mail Publishing Company (1979)
Newspaper sued for publishing the name of a juvenile offender without prior written approval

Department of Public Safety of Alabama v. Rawlinson (1977)
Woman challenges Alabama statute barring her employment in a correctional facility because of her physical size.

Nashville Gas Company v. Satty (1977)
Woman challenges former employer’s seniority policy claiming it discriminated against women

US v. Biswell (1972)
ACLU sides with gun dealer to challenge the constitutionality of a statute that allows warrantless searches of his locked storeroom

Adams v. Williams (1972)
Man caught with heroin and weapons in his car sues for unlawful search

Times Film Corp. v. City of Chicago (1961)
Movie company sues City of Chicago for requiring permission to exhibit films