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7 new cases

NEW: Seven new case summaries have been posted in the ACLU in the Supreme Court section:

Murray v. Carrier (1986)
Convicted rapist files habeas corpus petition claiming he was denied due process

Zabiocki, Milwaukee County Clerk v. Redhail (1978)
State pays underage father’s child support and later denies him a marriage license because he failed to re-pay the state after turning 18

Raymond K. Procunier v. Apolinar Navarette, Jr. (1978)
Prisoner sues prison officials for interfering with his outgoing mail

United States v. Chadwick (1977)
4th Amendment claims surface after agents’ unwarranted search of train passengers’ carry-on foot locker

Dayton Board of Education v. Brinkman (1977)
Courts dispute over how to desegregate an Ohio school district

Trimble v. Gordon (1977)
Mother sues on behalf of her illegitimate daughter for heirship over deceased father’s estate

Red Lion Broadcasting Co. v. FCC (1969)
Broadcasters challenge Federal Communications Commission’s “Fairness Doctrine”