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2005 Annual Report

A Message from our Chairman

Thanks to all of our visitors, contributors, researchers, technical staff, editors, and others who have helped us to grow, had an impressive 2005.

Some of our 2005 accomplishments were:


  • Traffic: The overall traffic to ProCon sites increased from 1,243,518 unique visits in 2004 to 1,843,895 in 2005, an increase of 33% or over 600,000 visitors.


Steven C. Markoff, Chairman


The biggest jump in hit traffic went to the Israeli-Palestinian site which had 97,161 unique visits in 2004 and 328,497 in 2005 – a 338% growth in visitors.

  • Staff: The organization grew from a full-time staff of six to a staff of eight – six Researchers, a Managing Editor, and our Chairman.
  • Business: On October 25, 2005, the State of California recognized as a charitable corporation exempt from state franchise tax or income tax.
  • Topics: In the last year, the six active ProCon topics added so much content that all but one of our sites (ACLU is completed. We’ll continue to add content to these sites as new facts, ideas, and relevant news emerges.After much input and research, we selected four new site topics to kick off 2006. These sites are in development and should appear online in the coming months. 

    A. “Is drinking milk good for humans?”

    B. “Should euthanasia be legal?”

    C. “Should former felons have the right to vote?”

    D. “Is globalization good for America?”


  • Your Help: Thanks to you and to everyone who helped advance its nonpartisan mission of “Promoting Education and Informed Citizenship” in the following ways: 
    1. Linked Sites: We had over 200 sites create links to’s eight sites. 
    2. Feedback: We also received valuable feedback from dozens of debate teams, professors, authors, webmasters, politicians, students, nonprofit organizations, judges, government officials, business executives, and other good people like you to improve our sites. 
    3. Slogan: In March and April, hosted an online poll to help us select a slogan. Of the hundreds of votes and independent submissions, the winning idea was “Promoting Informed Citizenship.” We sent a $100 check to the retired Army officer who gave us this great slogan. 
  • in the Media: Our sites appeared in prominent media outlets including: 
    1. Forbes Magazine (10/13/05) made Medical Marijuana the only link provided in a syndicated article on marijuana and the brain. This article was reprinted in Yahoo! News, (the former U.S. Surgeon General’s website), numerous local TV news station websites (such as KLEX in Lexington, KY, KLAS in Las Vegas, and KPHO in Phoenix), and health-related sites such as Health Central, Health Finder, and Medicine Net. 
    2. The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) (6/6/05) website linked to Medical Marijuana in their article announcing the Supreme Court’s controversial Raich decision. In fact, our site appeared first among three recommended links (ahead of the DEA and NORML). 
    3. The Substance Abuse Librarians and Information Specialists (SALIS) (Fall 2005) featured a one-page write up of Medical Marijuana in their quarterly newsletter. They called the site a “valuable resource,” “a one-stop source,” and “for those seeking expert opinions on both sides of the debate, it is an excellent starting place.”


  • Financials: We raised $373,120 in 2005, of which we spent $346,155 – about 92.8%. Of our expenditures, $319,027 (92.2%) went towards program services expenditures and $27,128 (7.8%) went to management and general expenses. 


Thanks again to everyone who helped us achieve these milestones in 2005.

As always, we appreciate feedback from our users. Contact Us any time with your thoughts or suggestions for making better.

If you like our sites, please tell your friends. If you don’t like our sites, please tell us why.


Steven Markoff

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