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Free Resources for Educators’s mission statement is “Promoting critical thinking, education, and informed citizenship by presenting controversial issues in a straightforward, nonpartisan, and primarily pro-con format.” Our content is used by students and teachers in over 12,000 schools in all 50 states and 90 countries.

As some schools are closing and moving to online instruction due to COVID-19 (coronavirus), please note that we have many resources on our site for teachers.

Educators may find some of the resources below helpful as they adapt to online teaching. If you do use our content in the classroom, please take our teacher survey to give us your feedback.

Visit our Teachers’ Corner to see more resources designed for educators.

1. 2020 Election & Beyond

Explore elections plans geared toward the 2020 presidential election but adaptable for many other elections and presidential history lessons.

Our 2020 presidential election website shows the candidates’ views on the issues in their own words and features many educational resources.

2. Lesson Plans Using

Over 60 lesson plans that use content. See our full list of debate topics for customization options.
3. Critical Thinking Seminar

Our critical thinking seminar can be adapted to online learning by using the provided handout (pdf) on examining the pros and cons of social media. Instead of discussing the topic in groups, students can brainstorm on their own and send their ideas via email or chat.
4. Critical Thinking Videos

Our critical thinking videos page has short videos on four topics: felon voting, milk, voting machines, and Thomas Edison & the death penalty. These videos can be used to stimulate a discussion on the pros and cons of these issues.

There are also videos of events that we have hosted on many topics, including three years of debates held at the Santa Monica Pier.

5. Topics in the News

Our weekly headline articles link the topics we cover to current events. All articles have discussion questions to stimulate conversation among students.
6. Historical Timelines

Explore detailed historical timelines of 15 controversial issues to track major events in each debate.
7. COVID-19 (coronavirus) in Context

As COVID-19 dominates the news, see examples of how the pandemic impacted controversial topics covered on our website.

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