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Jennifer Owens, Board Member

Jennifer Owens, MSJ, is an editor, content strategist, leader, and advocate. She is currently the Senior Vice President of Digital Strategy for Healthy Women and the Founder and President for Jennwork. She was previously the VP of Professional Programming for New York Women in Communications from 2016-2018, the Head of Mamamia US in 2017, and the Editor of Spring.St in 2017.

Owens spent 9 years at Working Mother Media as Editorial Director, Founding Director of the Working Mother Research Institute, Senior Director of Editorial Research and Initiatives, and Director of Special Projects between Jan. 2008 and Dec. 2016.

She has also been the Editor of Vera Bradley Magazine, the Group Managing Editor for SOHO publishing, and the Managing Editor for Footwear News.

She completed the Yale Publishing Course: Leadership Strategies in Magazine and Digital Publishing for which she earned a scholarship.

Owens earned a MSJ and BSJ in Journalism from Northwestern University.