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Marcus Hirn, IT Director

Marcus Hirn
Marcus graduated with a Master of Law degree from Uppsala University (Sweden) in 1996. He specialized in business laws and also studied human rights law. He spent two months in Namibia working on his master’s thesis on Namibian land reform.

He moved to Estonia five years after the collapse of the Soviet Union. He practiced contract and business law in the emerging new markets of Eastern Europe.

In 1998 he got involved with an Estonian IT company and worked in strategic planning and IT development. In 2002 he formed and worked as CEO of a management consulting company specializing in business, legal, management, and IT consulting.

In March 2005 he moved to the United States and found a position as Chief Information Officer for an American oil and gas company.

He is proficient in English, Swedish, Finnish, Estonian, and several computer languages including HTML, XHTML, XML, CSS, MySQL and PHP.

Marcus joined in September 2007 as the IT Manager/Webmaster, and he was promoted to IT Director on Feb. 14, 2014.