Last updated on: 7/18/2016 | Author: VIP Salon – July 14, 2016

On July 14, 2016, held its first ever VIP salon at the home of Ms. Janet Baszile in Palos Verdes Estates, CA. It was wonderful to connect with so many past, present, and future supporters. We thank Ms. Baszile and the many salon attendees, particularly for their inspired words about our organization’s important work. We are grateful that these salon connections will lead to ongoing discussions and actions that forward and help spread our desperately needed public services to millions more people.
The Home of Janet Baszile   Lea Ann King, Steve Gaskin, and Janet Baszile
Janet Baszile and Jeanne Ringe   Bill Baker and Lea Ann King
Kamy Akhavan, President and Managing Editor of, and Marcia Mills   Allen and Dottie Lay
Shirley E. Starke-Wallace, Christina Donatelli, and Jeanne Ringe   Tom Brewer and Jay Rakow, Board Member
Tom Brewer and Jay Rakow   Mark and Ghislaine Davis
Janet Baszile, Nancy Pasquali, and Doug and Robin Hinchliffe   Pearl Baker and Marcia Mills
Salon guests enjoying conversation and hors d’oeuvres   Gordon and Dale McWilliams
Pearl Baker   Bill Baker
Jeffrey Hendricks, Senior Researcher at, and Jean Cordero   Lea Ann King, Pearl Baker, and Marcia Mills
Lillie Wilson, Jay Rakow, and Assemblyman David Hadley   Tom Brewer and Michelle Herczog, Board Member
Kamy Akhavan talking about programs.   Shirley E. Starke-Wallace and Nancy Pasquali
Gordon McWilliams   Doug Hinchliffe
Bill Baker, Robin & Doug Hinchliffe, Pearl Baker, and Marcia Mills   Jeffrey Hendricks
Jay Rakow giving opening remarks.   Allen and Dottie Lay
Michelle Herczog   Doug and Robin Hinchliffe
Pearl and Bill Baker   Mark and Ghislaine Davis
Kamy Akhavan and Tom Brewer   Lillie Wilson, Jeffrey Hendricks, and Shirley E. Starke-Wallace