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Lawmakers Urge Federal Government to De-Schedule Marijuana

Efforts by legislators are underway asking the federal government to de-schedule marijuana. Currently, marijuana is a Schedule I drug, which means the drug is considered to have a "high potential for abuse," "no currently accepted medical use in treatment in the United States," and "a lack of accepted safety for any use of the drug." Without rescheduling, or removing the drug from the federal schedule, marijuana remains illegal under federal law.

08/04/2017 Two Nuclear Power Reactors in South Carolina Abandoned Before Construction Is Completed

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07/21/2017 California Extends Cap and Trade Program to Address Climate Change

07/07/2017 Gun Control Law Upheld by Supreme Court in Concealed Carry Case

06/30/2017 Physician-Assisted Suicide Used by 111 Californians in 2016

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05/19/2017 Debate over Taxing Churches Reignites with Trump Executive Order

05/12/2017 Legalizing Physician-Assisted Suicide Considered in 17 States

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04/20/2017 Should Corporal Punishment Be Used in K-12 Schools?

04/14/2017 Russia Recognizes West Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel and East Jerusalem as the Capital of Future Palestinian State

04/07/2017 Death Penalty Sentences Rushed in Arkansas

03/30/2017 Standardized Test Scores Increase Thanks to Healthy School Lunches, Study Says

03/24/2017 Trump Administration Publishes First List of Immigrants Who Have Committed Crimes in Sanctuary Cities

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