Comprehensive 2016 Presidential Election Website Launched by Nonpartisan

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The nation’s leading source for pros and cons of controversial issues,, has released its highly anticipated 2016 Presidential Election website,, which explores the candidates and where they stand on key issues.

Republicans (Bush, Carson, Christie, Cruz, Fiorina, Graham, Huckabee, Kasich, Paul, Rubio, and Trump), Democrats (Clinton, O’Malley, and Sanders), third party candidates (after the nominating conventions for the Libertarian, Green, and Constitution parties in 2016), and independent candidates who meet the inclusion criteria appear on the website.

The research staff has compiled candidate stances on 20 key issues, with at least 50 more issues to follow. Positions are listed as Pro, Con, or Not Clearly Pro or Con, based on historical and other public records, direct quotes, videos, position statements and questionnaires. If a candidate has changed positions, the current and former positions are shown. provides sources for each quote, candidate biographies, FEC filings, candidate finances, party history, and research projects including:

2016 Presidential Election Candidate Quiz – Answer the same questions asked of the candidates and see a dynamic, often surprising, real-time ranking of which candidates best matched your responses.

Side-by-Side Comparisons on Key Issues – Compare 2016 presidential candidate positions on the issues at a glance.

Differences in Conservative and Liberal Brains – Read 20 peer-reviewed studies concluding that liberals and conservatives are physiologically different.

The 2012 Presidential Election website was hailed by the New York Times as “the most comprehensive teaching tool for researching the candidate’s stance on issues.” (“Great Free Websites for Teaching Election,” Sep. 5, 2012.) It received more than 5 million page views and had over 650,000 election quiz takers before Election Day in 2012.

Jay Rakow, CEO of, said: “We are thrilled to serve the public again this year with our unbiased voter information site. With candidates and PACs spending millions on political ads, and an avalanche of misleading and biased information, lets people separate fact from spin.”

For more information visit the 2016 Election website.