Majority Support Replacing Obamacare with Universal Healthcare

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58% of American adults would replace the Affordable Care Act (ACA), also known as Obamacare, with a federally-funded single-payer healthcare system that gives insurance to all Americans, according to a May 16, 2016 Gallup poll of 1,549 adults. In a separate question, 51% of respondents would repeal Obamacare and 48% would keep the ACA as is.

When asked to choose between a new federally-funded system and keeping the ACA, 64% of Democrats and Democratic-leaning people chose the federal system and 32% chose to keep the ACA. 55% of Republicans and Republican-leaning people opposed replacing the ACA with a federally-funded system, while 80% favored repealing Obamacare and 16% stated they would keep the current plan in place.

The 2016 presidential candidates are split in their opinions on Obamacare, with Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders saying the plan is good for America and Donald Trump stating the plan is bad for the country.

The United States and Mexico are the only two countries that do not have universal health care among all 34 OECD nations. In 2010, the United States spent 17.7% of GDP on healthcare, roughly $8,240 per capita, which was the highest GDP percentage and highest per capita health expenditures in the world. France was second at 11.7% of GDP and $4,000 per capita on health care.


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