New Lesson Plans Aligned with Common Core’s Call for Critical Thinking

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20 free lesson plans

In keeping with its mission to teach critical thinking, informed citizenship and respectful debate, published 20 free lesson plan ideas to support teachers in complying with the Common Core standards.

The free lesson plan ideas help teachers cover important skills in English Language Arts (ELA), Social Studies, Speech, and Debate. The curricula teach students to: distinguish between fact and opinion, engage in counterargument, analyze primary sources, and develop other critical thinking, writing, and speaking skills.

The lessons are now available in the “Teachers’ Corner” at developed the lesson plans in partnership with Dr. Faith Rogow, an award-winning curriculum developer and Co-Founder of the National Association for Media Literacy Education (NAMLE). President Kamy Akhavan said:

“Dr. Rogow is one of the leading media literacy experts in the nation. We are thrilled to partner with her and bring her expertise to bear in helping teachers meet their Common Core requirements. These lesson plan ideas will save teachers precious time, and save money for school districts. Most important, these lessons will help teach students some of the most vital thinking skills they will need to become college-ready and successful citizens.”

Regarding her work with, Dr. Rogow explained:

“For students to become deep and independent thinkers, they have to learn how to ask questions for themselves. That’s what all of’s resources, including the new lesson ideas, are designed to do. It’s inquiry skill-building at its best, a gold-mine for educators committed to real-world rigor that engages all students in their own learning.”

Each lesson is designed to help meet multiple Common Core anchor standards, content standards, and curriculum goals. Each lesson also targets specific grade levels and includes adaptations to make the lessons easier or harder.

All 20 lesson plan ideas are available at /background-resources/lesson-plans/