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32% of 4-Year College Students Have Considered Withdrawing

According to a poll conducted by the Lumina Foundation and Gallup, almost one third of students currently enrolled in a 4-year college degree program and 41% of students currently enrolled in a 2-year college degree program have considered withdrawing from school for a semester or more. [1] Additionally, 36% of 4-year students and 39% of [...]


04/15/2019 Death Penalty Use Down 31% Globally
04/10/2019 Controversial Animal Testing Program Involving Kittens Ended by USDA
04/05/2019 Sharp Increase in Kids and Families Apprehended at US-Mexico Border
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01/29/2019 Medical Marijuana Commercial Rejected for Super Bowl
01/23/2019 Climate Change, Weak Health Care, and Anti-Vaccination in WHO Ten Threats to Global Health
01/22/2019 Thailand Legalizes Medical Marijuana
01/10/2019 Vote Restored to up to 1.5 Million with Felony Convictions in Florida
01/03/2019 Vaccines Delivered by Drones to Children in Remote Pacific Islands
12/12/2018 2018 Year in Review
12/05/2018 US Abortions at Lowest Level since 1973 Roe v. Wade Decision
11/30/2018 Cell Phone Radiation Linked to Cancer in Rats