Thanks Educators for Teacher Appreciation Week and Best Quarter Ever

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For Teacher Appreciation Week,, the nation’s most popular resource for pro and con research on controversial issues, thanks the teachers, librarians, and school administrators who helped propel the web-based educational organization to another record-breaking quarter.

Students in middle school, high school, and college comprise nearly half of the 23 million readers at The first quarter of 2016 brought 7.6 million readers – the biggest quarter ever in the organization’s 12-year history. The increased traffic highlighted the importance to teachers of having a free, highly acclaimed resource to use in teaching students to develop critical skills and become informed citizens. President & Managing Editor, Kamy Akhavan, expressed personal appreciation on behalf of the organization: “We have educators on our staff, on our board, and in our homes (my amazing wife is a high school English teacher). We understand how challenging and important their work is for our kids, our communities, our society, and our future generations. So, to all educators, thank you, sincerely and deeply. We appreciate you and your hard work.”’s educational resources remain free of charge, nonpartisan, and include:

LESSON PLAN IDEAS – Designed to teach specific skills and content, these lesson plan ideas are labeled by grade level, subject, and Common Core standard. They also include adaptations to make them easier or harder. Their newest lesson plan idea is a discussion guide for the award-winning documentary Best of Enemies, which leads students to consider and discuss important questions about political conventions, pundits, television debate, and where our nation’s political discourse may have gotten its often nasty tone.

CRITICAL THINKING SEMINAR – This short highlight reel from their 90-minute seminar demonstrates that opinions can shift and respectful dialogue can take place when structured conversations around controversial issues are carefully coordinated.

CRITICAL THINKING QUOTES – A showcase of dozens of powerful quotes from Martin Luther King Jr. to Coco Chanel and from Anne Frank to Bob Marley – all revolving around the topic of critical thinking.

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