Results of Controversial 2012 Election Ballot Measures

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Source: Jim Baca, “I Voted,”, Oct. 12, 2012
Election Day has come and gone, and residents in many states voted on controversial issues including medical marijuana, gay marriage, physician-assisted suicide, the death penalty, and GMO foods. The results of those ballot measures appear below.

Gay Marriage: Ballot initiatives involving the legalization of gay marriage came before voters in Maine and Maryland, where they were approved (52.6% – 47.3% and 51.9% – 48.1% respectively), marking the first time that this issue passed via statewide referendum. Similar legislation in the state of Washington is currently leading 51.8% – 48.2%, but as of Nov. 7 has not officially passed. Minnesota voters struck down a constitutional amendment that would define marriage as between one man and one woman (52.3% – 47.7%), although state legislation still makes same-sex marriage illegal.

Marijuana: Massachusetts voters legalized medical marijuana use (63% – 37%), while Arkansas voted down similar legislation (51%-49%). Montana voters upheld an existing law that imposes additional restrictions on medical marijuana patients and caregivers (56.5% – 43.5%). Medical marijuana use is now legal in 18 states and the District of Columbia. Recreational use of marijuana was legalized in Colorado (54.8% – 45.2%) and Washington (55.4% – 44.6%) for people over the age of 21, while similar legislation did not pass in Oregon (54.8% – 45.2%). Marijuana remains illegal under federal law.

Physician-Assisted Suicide: Massachusetts voters rejected the “Death with Dignity” initiative (51% – 49%), which would have legalized physician-assisted suicide (PAS). Massachusetts will not join Oregon, Washington, and Montana as the fourth state with legal PAS.

Death Penalty: California voters decided to retain the death penalty (52.8% – 47.2%). The state allows the death penalty for first degree murder (with 20 special circumstances) and treason.

GMO Food: California voters also rejected a measure to label genetically modified foods (53.1% – 46.9%) has also presented the 2012 presidential candidates’ views on medical marijuana, gay marriage, physician-assisted suicide, the death penalty, and GMO food.


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