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History of: Historical Timelines of Controversial Issues

Each website features a history of the issue it covers. On our “standard” sites (which take 1,500+ hours to create) we have detailed historical timelines with images and source biographies to better understand the history of those topics. Some of the historical timelines are featured below.

1. ACLUHistory of the ACLU from 1915 to Present – Our timeline on the history of the ACLU includes events from its origins in 1915 as an organization to protect the First Amendment rights of World War I protesters and includes landmark court cases and other major events related to the organization.
2. ALTERNATIVE ENERGYHistory of Alternative Energy and Fossil Fuels – Our timeline featuring the history of alternative energy and fossil fuel development from 2000 BC to today.
3. BORN GAYHistory of the Born Gay Debate & Theories of Sexual Orientation – Our timeline includes entries ranging from accounts of same-sex relations in ancient Greece to the Kinsey Scale’s introduction in 1948 to studies on physiological origins of sexuality and beyond.
4. DEATH PENALTYHistory of the Death Penalty – Our timeline on the history of the death penalty includes events from the Code of Hammurabi in 1700s BC to states banning and legalizing capital punishment over the last several hundred years.
5. ELECTRONIC VOTING MACHINESHistory of Electronic Voting Machines and Related Voting Technology – Our timeline featuring the history of voting machines spans events from Victoria, Australia being the first place to use uniform official ballots in 1856 to 2017, when the first-ever voting machine “Hackathon” revealed vulnerabilities in electronic voting machines and poll systems, and beyond.
6. EUTHANASIA / PHYSICIAN-ASSISTED SUICIDEHistory of Euthanasia and Physician-Assisted Suicide – Our timeline featuring the history of euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide includes events from the 5th Century BC ancient Greek and Roman approval of euthanasia to Jack Kevorkian to state laws in the present.
7. FELON VOTINGHistory of Felon Voting and Disenfranchisement – Our timeline featuring the history of felon voting spans events from “civil deaths” starting in 1100 BC to the establishment of criminal disenfranchisement in the United States in 1792 to modern state laws and court rulings.
8. GAY MARRIAGEHistory of the Same-Sex Marriage Debate – Our timeline featuring the history of the same-sex marriage debate includes entries ranging from a gay couple applying for a marriage license on May 18, 1970 to Massachusetts becoming the first state to legalize gay marriage on Nov. 18, 2003 to the 2015 US Supreme Court ruling that legalized gay marriage to the present.
9. ILLEGAL IMMIGRATIONHistory of Illegal Immigration to the United States – Our timeline featuring the history of illegal immigration to the United States spans events from English settlers arriving in 1607 to the opening of Ellis Island in 1892 to present day court rulings.
10. ISRAELI-PALESTINIAN CONFLICTHistory of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict from 1900-PresentOur timeline includes historical events ranging from the fall of the Ottoman Empire, to WWII and its aftermath, to various wars, intifadas, and peace proposals.
11. MEDICAL MARIJUANAHistory of Marijuana as Medicine – 2900 BC to Present – Our timeline includes historical events ranging from Emperor Fu His referencing medical marijuana in ancient Chinese texts to various US states legalizing the medical use of marijuana and more.
12. MILKHistory of Cow’s Milk from the Ancient World to the Present – Our timeline begins in 8000 BC with the origin of the domesticated cow and continues to the present with more sourced and illustrated entries about the history of milk.
13. PROSTITUTIONHistory of Prostitution from 2400 BC to the Present – Our timeline includes entries ranging from ancient Sumerian references to prostitution in 2400 BC to modern day prostitution laws and policies in the United States and around the world.
14. SPORTS & DRUGSHistory of Performance Enhancing Drugs (PEDs) in Sports from Ancient Greece to Present – Our timeline on the history of sports and drugs includes events starting in 776 BC when the Ancient Greeks used PEDs during the original Olympic Games and continuing to the present, covering major doping scandals, anti-doping efforts in sports, and more.
15. “UNDER GOD” IN THE PLEDGEHistory of the US Pledge of Allegiance & the Phrase “under God” – Our timeline covers historical events in the debate, from the 1887 campaign to promote patriotism in public schools President Eisenhower officially adding “under God” to the Pledge on June 14, 1954 to modern court rulings, legislation, and more.