ProCon.org Feels Free, But It Isn't

You can always expect thoroughly researched pros, cons, and related information on today’s hottest topics at ProCon.org. Your tax-deductible donations keep this service free and ad-free for 25+ million students, teachers, journalists, and regular folks.
ProCon.org Feels Free, But It Isn't

You can always expect thoroughly researched pros, cons, and related information on today’s hottest topics at ProCon.org. Your tax-deductible donations keep this service free and ad-free for 25+ million students, teachers, journalists, and regular folks.

ProCon.org is needed now more than ever before. These are divisive times. Emotions are heightened. It’s harder to have respectful conversations and to find common ground. ProCon.org gives everyone an unbiased exploration of important issues to encourage understanding and critical thinking. We can all heal the increasing divide and ground conversations with facts. Millions use our site every year, but few give. We’re going to start changing that with your help. Thank you for making a donation today and for sharing ProCon.org with others.

ProCon.org Donors & Sponsors (2013-2017)

We thank our donors (who give money) and sponsors (who give goods or services) for their generous contributions to ProCon.org, which help keep our operations going and allow us to continue our mission of promoting critical thinking, education, and informed citizenship.


Donors and sponsors are normally listed on this page for five calendar years. Donations prior to 2013 can be seen on our 990 Reports and Audited Financials. We have honored the requests of donors wishing to remain anonymous.

Starting November 2016, we began listing donor’s first and last names [e.g. Jane Townsend] vs. donor’s first initial, last name and state of residence [e.g. J. Townsend (New York)].

Founder's Circle
$100,000 and above

A-Mark Financial
A-Mark Financial Corporation
Incorporated in 1965 by Steven C. Markoff, A-Mark Financial Corporation (AMFC) is involved in deal making asset-based loans. AMFC has donated rent and accounting services to ProCon.org since 2004.

A-MARK Foundation
The goals of the A-Mark Foundation are to: "Help a few people and organizations that serve a charitable, educational or humanitarian purpose” and to "Produce and support nonpartisan research, and the understanding of diverse topics by presenting them in a nonpartisan way.”
"Home,” www.amarkfoundation.org (accessed Jan. 12, 2016)

AMAG, Inc.
This Santa Monica-based company engages in mid-sized investment banking and asset-based loans.

Annenberg Foundation
Annenberg Foundation
"The Annenberg Foundation is a family foundation that provides funding and support to nonprofit organizations in the United States and globally. The Foundation and its Board of Directors are also directly involved in the community with innovative projects that further its mission to advance public well-being through improved communication. The Foundation encourages the development of effective ways to share ideas and knowledge.”
Statement provided by the Annenberg Foundation to ProCon.org, Nov. 4, 2013

ProCon.org is a recipient of a Google Ad Grants award. The Google Ad Grants program supports registered nonprofit organizations that share Google's philosophy of community service to help the world in areas such as science and technology, education, global public health, the environment, youth advocacy and the arts. Google Ad Grants is an in-kind advertising program that awards free online advertising to nonprofits via Google AdWords.

Joseph Drown Foundation
The Joseph Drown Foundation (www.jdrown.org) "...attempts to reflect directly the interests of Joseph Drown by focusing its resources on the areas which particularly concerned him. These include education, medical and scientific research; community, health and social services and, to a lesser degree, the arts and humanities.

The Joseph Drown Foundation's goal is to assist individuals in becoming successful, self-sustaining, contributing citizens.

The Foundation is interested in programs that break down any barrier that prevents a person from continuing to grow and learn."
"Mission Statement," www.jdrown.org (accessed Jan 12, 2016)


Roy and Patricia Disney Family Foundation

Steven C. Markoff, in honor of AboutTrump.org
"This nonpartisan, nonprofit web site is a searchable database containing thousands of sourced quotes, comments and facts about Donald J. Trump, his background, family, business, views and actions, people and events around him and related issues."
AboutTrump.org, Homepage (accessed May 12, 2017)

$25,000 - $99,999

Anonymous Foundation Donor (Texas)

The Ahmanson Foundation
The Ahmanson Foundation
"The Ahmanson Foundation serves Los Angeles County by funding cultural projects in the arts and humanities, education at all levels, health care, programs related to homelessness and underserved populations as well as a wide range of human services.

By supporting non-profit organizations that demonstrate sound fiscal management, efficient operation, and program integrity, the Foundation strives to enhance the quality of life and cultural legacy of the Los Angeles community."
Homepage, theahmansonfoundation.org (accessed Sep. 18, 2017)

Film Finances
Film Finances, Inc.
"Film Finances helps movies get to the big screen. We provide financiers with a service that gives them an assurance that the film will be delivered on time and that the over-budget costs would not be the financier's responsibility.”
Homepage, FilmFinances.com (accessed Nov. 7, 2016)

Hawley Troxel
Hawley Troxell Ennis & Hawley LLP
Hawley Troxell Ennis & Hawley is Idaho's largest business law firm.
"Our collective experience lets us provide solutions to the challenges of doing business, from formation to exit. Whether one-on-one counsel or a team approach, we tailor our services to meet our clients’ needs at competitive Idaho rates.”
"About Us," www.hawleytroxell.com (accessed Nov. 15, 2012)

The Rodenberry Foundation
The Roddenberry Foundation
"Gene Roddenberry, through compassion and creativity, brought to his audiences meaningful and thought-provoking science fiction. His aim was to push people to 'think, question and challenge the status quo of the world in which we live' with the intention of creating ‘a brighter future'… Eugene 'Rod' Roddenberry took his father's philosophy to heart and in 2010 decided to harness the inspiration and build on the values embodied by Gene's ideals by establishing The Roddenberry Foundation… and building the Roddenberry legacy beyond the Star Trek universe, turning science fiction into science fact, and creating tangible and meaningful change in communities."
"Mission" and "Foundation," www.roddenberryfoundation.org (accessed Mar. 25, 2015)

Teletrade, online at www.teletrade.com, has been one of America's largest certified coin and currency auction houses since 1986. Teletrade operates an interactive auction website that allows customers to browse upcoming auctions, research past auction prices realized, and bid on 3,500+ coins per week.
"About Teletrade and Our Team,” www.teletrade.com (accessed Feb. 8, 2013)

$10,000 - $24,999

Anonymous Foundation Donor (New York)

Arthur N. Rupe Foundation
Arthur N. Rupe Foundation
"The Arthur N. Rupe Foundation is dedicated to achieving positive social change by shining the light of truth on critical and controversial issues through the support of scholarly studies, education, research, and public debates, and by the dissemination of the results via a variety of media to all segments of the public."
Homepage, rupefoundation.org (accessed Sep. 18, 2017)

Education Next
is a quarterly journal of opinion and research that bases its editorial policy on the premise that the education sector is ripe for major change and reform. New content is available daily on their blog.
www.educationnext.org (accessed Nov. 19, 2015)

Michael Eisner

Frank Giustra

The Green Foundation
"Leonard I. Green was a pioneer in the development of the leveraged buyout industry and founded his company Leonard Green & Partners, L.P. in 1989. The Green Foundation, with a primary focus on the arts, education, and human services, seeks to preserve and enhance Leonard’s philanthropic vision.”
"Homepage," www.ligf.org (accessed Nov. 7, 2015)

The Herb Block Foundation
is "committed to defending the basic freedoms guaranteed all Americans, combating all forms of discrimination and prejudice and improving the conditions of the poor and underprivileged through the creation or support of charitable and educational programs with the same goals."
"The Foundation,” www.herbblockfoundation.org (accessed Nov. 19, 2015)

Michael Klein Foundation

Norris and Debra Bishton Foundation

Participant Media (California)

Stan Shimohara

Todd M. Morgan Foundation

$5,000 - $9,999

J. Abele (Vermont)

Film Finances (California)

B. & M. Markoff (California)

Jadwiga Markoff (California)

San Miguelito Partners (California)


$1,000 - $4,999



G. Axelrod (Hawaii)

Mark & Susan Babst

Howard & Karen Baldwin

Janet Baszile

M. Benjamin (California)

Rocky Butler

By Discount Codes

N. Cassavettes (California)

ChameleonJohn Coupons

Customer Service Contact Number

Rosalinde and Arthur Gilbert Foundation (California)

John Girardi

J. Gorman (Washington)

Jeff Harris

R. Howard (California)

Steve Ivy (Dallas, Texas)

Michael Klein

P.A. Lange (New Jersey)

Gordon McWilliams

Morrie Markoff

Official Coupon Code

Chris Paskach

The Peckham Family Foundation

PromoCodeWatch LLC

Jay Rakow

The Skyscrape Foundation

Clayton Smith

Steve Sparks

Shirley E. Starke-Wallace

Gwendolyn Teruya (Michigan)

The English Teacher's Friend (Florida)


Travel Ticker

Ben Wegbreit (California)

Tawnya Wojciechowski (California)


$100 - $999

S. Ach (Illinois)
Brooks Adams
G. Adams (state not known)
Jean Adelsman
Jaleh Akhavan
Kamy Akhavan
Dennis V. Alfieri
H.E. Alexander (California)
Amanda Roncevich
Amazon Foundation
P. Anderson (California)
Robert Aranoff
D. Arend (state not known)
Kira Asatryan
W. Atkinson (Massachusetts)
R. Austin (California)
M. Baxter
P. Bentley (Florida)
M. Bray (California)
P. & C. Belcher (California)
Bepoz America - www.bepoz.com
Kathleen Blair
T. Blanchard (New York)
J. Bloom (Minnesota)
A. Bones (Nebraska)
D. Brookley (Pennsylvania)
Mark Brower
J. Brown (New York)
Anonymous in memory of Elizabeth Cain
Judy Brown Caro
K. Chatman (Arkansas)
F. Chagani (Florida)
Glena Cheng
Ellen Chestnut in memory of Aunt Rose Goldmintz
Tricia Cole
K. Corrigan (Florida)
Wilson & Nancy Coudon
D. Crocker (California)
Ryan Crownholm
M. Del Castillo (state not known)
J. Dillon (Pennsylvania)
M. Divirgilio (California)
Elizabeth Dorsey
G. Dyer (Oregon)
J. Dyhengco (British Columbia)
M. Eberle (Colorado)
M. Eddy (Maryland)
W. Eddy (state not known)
L. Edwards (Washington)
The Elite OC
Donald Ellis
Safika ErSelcuk
D. Fredrickson (California)
A. Frisoni (Illinois)
F. Galang (Philippines)
R. Garrard (Georgia)
Ruthann Geer
M. George (Texas)
N. Getz (state not known)
A. Glew (Oregon)
A. Goldman (Connecticut)
G. Goodman (Pennsylvania)
Jack Gorman
Jeannie Gorman
P. Gregg (Illinois)
M. Gutierrez (California)
Eric Gutshall
S. Hall (Texas)
A. Hamilton (Kansas)
C. Hamilton (state not known)
Arthur Morgan, in honor of Jeff Harris
J. Hansen (California)
R. Hansen (California)
Aileen Hedjazi
Help Crush Sam’s Cancer
Michelle Herczog
J. Hernandez (state not known)
R. Hewey (state not know)
J. Hiatt (California)
Erica and Richard Hiersteiner
M. Hill (Oregon)
D. Hohmeyer (California)
L Michael Howell
S. Howes (Missouri)
T. Hussain (California)
H. Ickes (Virginia)
M. Isaac (California)
Deirdre Jameson
C. T. Jones (state not known)
Andrew Kim
K. Knecht (Arizona)
K. Kanz (California)
H. Kaslow (California)
R. Katz (Illinois)
L. King (California)
Kathleen Kovacs
D. Kulok (New York)
John Kurtz
Patricia Latta
L. Lauder (California)
A. Lay (California)
W. Lindenmuth (Virginia)
R. Loeffler (state not known)
David Loughnot
Ed Lynch in memory of PFC Charles Edward Lynch
Meredith Lynn
C. Mackay (Texas)
Philip and Sally Magaram
Daniel Mannion
Milton Mankoff
J. Marcus (Missouri)
D. Martin (Florida)
L. Maxie (Virginia)
W. McClellan (Virginia)
Bruce McNall, in memory of Alan Thicke
J. Merrill (California)
Theo Meuris
Microsoft (Washington)
Scott Miller
D. Morley (state not known)
J. Myers (Virginia)
J. Myers (state not known)
E. Nadelmann (state not known)
National Association for Media Literacy Education (NAMLE)
Sheri Neuberg
Raymond Neutra
John Newman
D. Nixon (Florida)
E. Parent (Florida)
Ricardo Perez
V. Peterson (state not known)
Lisa Pfost
G. Pink (California)
B. Polonsky (Wisconsin)
W. Pretorius (New York)
D. Price (New York)
Mitchell Rabkin
S. Louis Rathje (Illinois)
M. Reeves (Nevada)
Renaissance Charitable Foundation (Indiana)
Sondra Ricar
M. Rooney (Massachusetts)
H. Rubin (California)
R. Schofield (Hawaii)
Freda Shen
P. Sheppard (state not known)
M. Soloff (California)
Helen Sosa
L. Springer (California)
S. Sprinkle (Georgia)
Pete Stoppani
Tom Stluak
David Suissa
J. Sullivan (Nevada)
B. Swanson (Illinois)
E. Taylor (California)
D. Thompson (Colorado)
Gary Thornell
Richard Tomlinson
R. Towbridge (California)
G. Tsankov (Colorado)
L. Van (California)
L. Vodopija (Florida)
M. Wallace (Pennsylvania)
A. Wells (California)
R. Werbylo (Colorado)
K. Wilson (Alabama)
G. Wimmer (South Carolina)
Y. Yeh (state not known)
M. Zwelling (Ontario)

up to $99

Aardvark Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (Washington)
H. Abel (Kansas)
R. Abdul-Rahman (Georgia)
AcmeWebResources.com (California)
Active Threat Response Training
Cindy Adams
Mark Adams
Jennifer Augello-Osborne
John Aguilar
M. Aguilar (California)
Tammy Ahearne
Jee Ahn
C. Ahuna (Texas)
R. Ake (North Carolina)
Kamy Akhavan, in memory of Alan Thicke
Erwin Alber
A. Alenson (Massachusetts)
L. Alexander (North Carolina)
W. Alire (California)
J. Allen (Ohio)
Kathleen Allen
S. Allen (Oregon)
C. Allen-Gentry (Nebraska)
James Allman-Gulino
E. Allred (state not known)
C. Alsberg (Illinois)
J. Altman (Wisconsin)
Lisa Alva
M. Alvarez (Wisconsin)
Amazon Smile Foundation
Jacqueline Ambrose
Corinne Anderson
D. Anderson (South Carolina)
G. Anderson (Michigan)
J. Andrade (California)
Bruce Andrews
C. Andrus (North Dakota)
Anonymous, in memory of Saddam Hussein
L. Anthony (state not known)
L. Arch (state not known)
Jose Arellano
M. Argus (New York)
A. Ariana (New York)
T. Astleford (Florida)
Patricia Astor
E. Augot (Massachusetts)
R. Austin (California)
Automotive Systems Training (Nevada)
S. Avellino (Pennsylvania)
Aztec Shops LTD at San Diego State University
N. Baaith (state not known)
J. Bachovchin (Pennsylvania)
J. Baker (North Carolina)
Balance from Inside
Nancy Balderrama
Stephen Balke
K. Ball (state not known)
J. Bally (California)
Deborah Bannister
M. Barnes (Texas)
J. Barnoski (state not known)
A. Barth (state not known)
S. Bates (Nevada)
D. Bauman (Virginia)
Happy Baumann
J. Baux (Nevada)
L. Beasley (Colorado)
B. Bechtel (Oklahoma)
P. Becnel (Utah)
M. Bednarczyk (Ohio)
B. Beetle (North Carolina)
C. Bell (Michigan)
Alinda Beiter
M. Benson (state not known)
W. Benson (Tennessee)
D. Bentley (California)
M. Bergeron (Massachusetts)
R. Berkeley (Colorado)
P. Bermon (Vermont)
M. Bernard (France)
N. Bernasconi (state not known)
Frederick Berry
A. Betance (Colorado)
Christine Betts
A. Bevan (state not known)
J. Beverly (Illinois)
C. Bevers
K. Bezan (state not known)
Y. Bi (Georgia)
J.P. Bianchi (state not known)
Rodolfo Biasca
G. Bird (Michigan)
K. Blair (Washington - in memory of Ginny Lambert)
J. Blumberg (Florida)
Patricia Bonnin
Paul Bohme
J. Booth (California)
M. Borges (state not known)
Jacob Borodovsky
G. Bouchard (New York)
Susan Boundy
Erica Bowers
Carmen Brace
William Bradley
K. Bragge (state not known)
Kathy Brakow
D. Braun (Montana)
E. Brauer (California)
B. Brenman (Delaware)
T. Brennan (California)
J. Breslow (New York)
T. Brockbank (California)
C. Brown (Nevada)
C. Brown (state not known)
J. Brown (Michigan)
K. Brown (Texas)
S. Bruno (state not known)
D. Bruschi (Colorado)
Jaclyn Bryan
T. Buchanan (California)
S. Buckland (Colorado)
E. Buirley (Utah)
J. Burgess (state not known)
W. Buri (Pennsylvania)
D. Burnight (state not known)
A. Burkes (state not known)
A. Burkoff (Oregon)
A. Burton (Georgia)
J. Burwinkel (Ohio)
P. Burrow (state not known)
N. Busano (New York)
A. Butler (California)
J. Butler (California)
Drum Cafe
M. Cahill (Indiana)
John Callaghan (Pennsylvania)
S. Camacho-Otero (Oregon)
M. Campbell (California)
Tiffany Campbell
A. Campillo (Virginia)
M. Campos (California)
L. Cannon (Kentucky)
D. Cantu (Texas)
N. Capretto (Pennsylvania)
S. Carleysmith (United Kingdom)
Mary Carpentier
D. Carter (state not known)
Kenneth Casados
Michael Castengera
Pauline Carroll
Kenneth Casados
L. Case (Great Britain)
B. Casiano (state not known)
Michael Castengera
J. Castonguay (Georgia)
J. Chang (state not known)
J. Chapman (Texas)
Kathleen Chatman
J. Charles (Texas)
J. Chase (Florida)
Kathleen Chatman
Felicia Chavez
R. Chavez (New Mexico)
Michael Chlebowski
S. Chen (Michigan)
Brian Chestnut
A. Chiaramonte (Maryland)
M. Chipman (New York)
Y. Cho (Washington)
C.W. Choc (Arizona)
C. Chuey (Ohio)
G. Clapp (state not known)
D. Clark (Illinois)
Morgan Clark
Michael Clements
C. Coan (state not known)
R. Cogan (Pennsylvania)
A. Cohen (Washington)
Marina Coleman
A. Colleraine (California)
I. Colon (Florida)
L. Howland (Colorado)
E. Conception (state not known)
D. Confer (Ohio)
Galex Consulting
L. Cooke (Oregon)
Marshel Copple
V. Corcoran (Kansas)
E. Cornwell (Ohio)
Stephanie Costa
M. Costell (state not known)
D. Costner (Georgia)
J. Cote (California)
C. Couch (New Mexico)
R. Cousins (New York)
M. Coutinho (Brazil)
J. Covici (state not known)
G. Cox (California)
M.Cox (New York)
L. Crawford (California)
ChronicPainSite.com Foundation (Arizona)
Nichole Cropper
J. Crow (Arizona)
T. Crow (state not known)
D. Crownover (Florida)
C. Cruz (Virginia)
Z. Cui (China)
S. Cummings (Virginia)
R. Culbertson (Colorado)
P. Cunha (state not known)
B. Curtis (state not known)
A. Czelusniak (state not known)
T. Daily (Indiana)
Virginia Dalton
M. Danielson (Colorado)
S. Darnell (Tennessee)
A. DaSilva (Massachusetts)
Joe Daughtrey
C. Davis (Florida)
Scott Davis
T. Davis (New Jersey)
V-E-Day (Florida)
K. De (California)
Fran Decker
J. Decker (California)
A. De Courcy (Ohio)
F. DeCroos (Tennessee)
S. Deetsch (Kentucky)
Linda Delisle
Robert DeFrancesco
S. De Freitas (Arizona)
L. Delk (Arkansas)
R. De Luca (New Jersey)
T. Denmark
K. Dennis (Utah)
J. DeSimone (Virginia)
Heather Dewitz
S. Dice (Maine)
J. Dillard (Texas)
Brian Dillon
R. Dills (Washington)
D. Dilts (California)
Maryellen DiLuzio
Robert Dimicco
P. Dinardo (state not known)
Jerry Dingus
Sharon Dinitz
Joylene Dinizio
C. Di Tella (New York)
D.L. White & Associates (Pennsylvania)
C. Dodson (California)
S. Doherty (Florida)
R. Dollard (New Hampshire)
F. Dölzer (Germany)
E. Dombrowski (Ohio)
S. Donnelly (Ohio)
Zack Doss
B. Doten (California)
Kirk Douglass
Sheryl Douglass
R. Downing (British Columbia)
R. Downing (Canada)
J. Downs (state not known)
S. Doyle (Illinois)
T. Doyle (Indiana)
Rena Drey, in memory of Rick Calhoun
R. Drew (Tennessee)
John Driscoll
G. Duchesne (Rhode Island)
R. Dude (state not known)
P. Duff (state not known)
Lynne Dujmovich
Claudia Dunne
S. Duane (New Jersey)
S. Duncan (state not known)
Anny Duran
C. Duran (state not known)
Robin Dusek
N. Dwork (California)
George Dyer
J Earls
A. Eason (Maryland)
L. Eberhard (New York)
William Eddy
Susan Edwards
D. Edwin (California)
Norma Egic
A. Eib (state not known)
J. Einsmann (Florida)
Mark Eisenberg
B. Eisenstadt (New York)
R. Elias (California)
J. Ellsworth (state not known)
E. Emerick (Kentucky)
J. Enamorado (Texas)
Ellen Engdahl
Stewart Engel
Curt Engstrom
L. Ensor (New Jersey)
J. Epstein (Maryland)
Pietro Ercolano
Michelle Ericksen
K. Eshoo (California)
M. Esposito (New York)
S. Esser (California)
M. Eureste (Texas)
S. Euston (North Carolina)
Nora Susan Ewing
J. Eyster (Wisconsin)
Adam Fachler
Joshua Faeger
Bob Fagin
Carla Fahie
M. Falendysz (Illinois)
J. Farnum (state not known)
J. Faville (Massachusetts)
Sean Feeney
Aaron Ferguson
M. Feldheim (New Jersey)
Jodie Felice
Katherine Fellows
Rose Filice
Laura Flejter
Rudolf Fernandes
Feudin Films
F. Fiedler (Delaware)
Jan Fields
Eli Figueroa
Alexis Finger
B. Finley (California)
M. Finneran (Vermont)
D. Fischetti (New Jersey)
K. Fisher (state not known)
Beverly Fitzsousa
Mark Flannery
L. Flowers (North Carolina)
Scott Foley
E. Forbes (New York)
P. Ford (Massachusetts)
G. Forrester (Texas)
Forrester Contracting, Inc. (Florida)
Fountain of Truth
Robert Fowler
M. Fox (state not known)
J. Fraad (New York)
Charles W. Francis
D. Frank (state not known)
Barbara Franks
N. Franklin (state not known)
T. Fraser (Alberta, Canada)
S. Frazer (Florida)
Molly Fredrickson
D. Freeman (Idaho)
B. Frei (California)
N. French (Georgia)
William Fuqua
Nicolas Fuhrman
Get Lash Fabulous with Sara (Virginia)
C. Gabriel (Louisiana)
R. Gallagher (Ohio)
Dave Gallin
Cheryl Galt
Isabel Gampon
E. Gansou (Maryland)
G. Garber (Michigan)
Jannette Garcia
Michael Garcia
V. Garcia (Maine)
R Spencer Garrard
Joseph Gaudio
Brendan Geck
G. Gianutsos (Connecticut)
Daryll Gibson
M. Gilliam (Washington)
W. Ginsburg (state not known)
Gerald Gianutsos
T. Glaser (Florida)
Kathy Glass
Peggy Gnehm
L. Godboldte (South Carolina)
Ruth Gore
M. Goter (state not known)
Art Golden (Guttenberg, NJ)
S. Goldman (Colorado)
D. Gomez (Hawaii)
Daniel Gonzales
Dallas Gorbett
Ruth Gore
D. Gosnell (Iowa)
Sherry Gott
B. Gould (California)
M. Gourmet (state not known)
F. Guiducci (Italy)
J. Grabar (Hawaii)
Elaine Grace
Thera Grady
Christopher Graft
H. Graham (Missouri)
P. Grande (state not known)
D. Granniss (Massachusetts)
R. Grant (Washington)
W. Graves (state not known)
John Grech
P. Gregg (state not known)
Danzig Gregory
J. Green (Illinois)
M. Greenberg (Illinois)
J. Gresham (Colorado)
L. Grice (California)
Coreen Larsen Griffen
S. Griffin (District of Columbia)
Pauline Griset
E. Groendtveit (Norway)
N. Guenther (Texas)
T. Guilfoyle (New Hampshire)
Melani Guinn
Stefanie Gulino
Jake Gunnoe
D. Hainline (England)
M. Hale (Utah)
R. Haley (Indiana)
B. Hall (Maryland)
L. Hall (Maine)
N. Hallman (Ohio)
Harry Hamilton
T. Han (Maryland)
S. Hanley (California)
Judith Hansen
A. Harmon (Washington)
Loren Harper
R. Harris (Connecticut)
S. Hartmann (Florida)
D. Harvey (Minnesota)
S. Harvey (New York)
S. Haskins (Missouri)
F. Hatch (Texas)
Marc Hauser
J. Hawkes (Australia)
L. Hawkins (Wisconsin)
S. Hayes (California)
M. Haynes (Massachusetts)
Jessica Heady
R. Healey (state not known)
K. Hegi (state not known)
Gertrudis Heiliger
L. Helle (Illinois)
Peggy Heller
D. Helmer (state not known)
Elizabeth Henderson
N. Henderson (Idaho)
Guy Hendricks
Jeffrey D. Hendricks
Patricia Hendrie
Heritage Gardens (Tennessee)
Lorin Herman
C. Hernandez (California)
G. Hernandez (state not known)
A. Hernandez (Ohio)
M. Hernandez (New York)
J. Hernandez (state not known)
J. Hernandez (Florida)
J. Hightshoe (Indiana)
T. Hersant (California)
The Hershey Company
Erica Hiersteiner
Daniel Hill
H. Hill (New Jersey)
M. Hill (state not known)
P. Hilts (Washington)
Michelle Hirschboeck
K. Hoag (Illinois)
J. Hodge (Minnesota)
Steve Hoell
A. Hoffman (Nevada)
Stacy Hoffman
Steven Hoffman
Susan Hoffpauir
D. Hoh (New Jersey)
Doan Hohmeyer
C. Holm (state not known)
S. Holtz (California)
R. Hommon (state not known)
James Hooper
R. Hopson (Arizona)
Jennifer Horner
Roger Horton
Julie Hoskin
Korie Housley
N. Howard (Washington)
A. Hoy (Colorado)
Florence Hu
A. Huang (California)
J. Huggins (Colorado)
J. Hughes (state not known)
Mary Vant Hull
David Huntus
S. Hutson (North Carolina)
Robert Hymer
E. Imbier (Massachusetts)
Evan Inglis
J. Indelicato (North Carolina)
S. Irvin (California)
Matthew Iverson
B. Jackson (Indiana)
M. Jacobs (state not known)
E. Jacobson (California)
S. Jacobson (California)
Carl James, in memory of Frances S. James
D. Jameson (Illinois)
H. Jarnaghan (California)
F. Jasso (Florida)
J. Java (Tennessee)
G. Jenkin (Texas)
S. Jenkins (California)
Y. Jin (Virginia)
B. Johnson (Minnesota)
D. Johnson (Arkansas)
Derek Johnson (Utah)
Kelly Johnson
T. Johnson (New Jersey)
William Jonson
K. Johnston (state not known)
Kathleen Joki (California)
Brandon Jones
Charles T. Jones II
Douglas Jones
R. Jones (California)
K. Jordan (California)
R. Jordan-Keller (Pennsylvania)
S. Jurras (California)
Cecil Joseph
A. Kampf (Minnesota)
M. Kane (Texas)
Christina Kang
Larry Kaplan
S. Kaplan (California)
G. Katell (California)
J. Katell (California)
Gregoire Kathryn
Harmon Kaslow
Robert Kastrinos
C. Kaufman (Washington)
N. Keane (New York)
R. Kearney (Pennsylvania)
S. Kelewae (Ohio)
Sharlene Kell
P. Kelley (Illinois)
L. Keller (Pennsylvania)
K. Kelly (California)
E. Kennedy (Kansas)
K. Kenyon (California)
D. Kerstetter (Vermont)
J. Kidder (Colorado)
Michael Kitamura
C. King (North Carolina)
K. King (Arizona)
Louis King
McLean King
L. Klein (state not known)
I. Kirilova (California)
Kathy Knecht
Michelle Knowlden
Maryellen Kliss
W.D. Knowles (state not known)
Kit Ko
W. Kohatsu (Hawaii)
Robert Kohn
David Kolodin
Eileen Konieczny
G. Kostalkowicz (Poland)
Carol Kozeracki
Holly Krebs
N. Kreonidis (New York)
V. Kross (Massachusetts)
R. Kubota (California)
T. Kucim (California)
C. Kufs (Pennsylvania)
S. Kull (Pennsylvania)
Lakshmi P (state not known)
LaMark Group, Inc. (Texas)
Josanna Lamastus, in memory of George and Eva Birkhead
Mary Lamb
M. Lamon (New York)
Julie Larnard-Newbury
Doris Landers
K. Landrove (Virginia)
M. LaRont (Arizona)
P. Larrabee (Utah)
Mark Larry
Mora Larson
S. Larson (Illinois)
Miriam Laskin
Joyce Lathrop
E. Laufer (California)
M. Laughlin (state not known)
Laura and John Arnold Foundation (Houston, Texas)
H. Laurie (California)
M. Lavoie (Connecticut)
R. Lawson (state not known)
L. Lazar (Missouri)
L. League (Kentucky)
James LeClare
Hong Eun Lee
J. Lee (California)
D. Lee (British Columbia)
Nick Lee
Marc Leiberman
Alexandra Leigon
Rick Lemburg
Lutisha Lennings
J. Lennon (New York)
Mary P. Lent
Cynthia Leonard
Carrie Lepow
S. Lessaris (Illinois)
W. Letourneau (Pennsylvania)
G. Lever (Florida)
J. Levine (Maryland)
E. Lewis (Washington)
Caua Davi Lima
W. Linden (Wisconsin)
John Lindsay
Mary T. Lindsey
L. Lipert (District of Columbia)
M. Lira (Wisconsin)
Janet Liston
M. Liszewski (District of Columbia)
Liquid Light Lab
Constance Little
J. Lobsenz (Connecticut)
Linda Lockhart
K. Lockwood (Pennsylvania)
R. Loeffler (state not known)
S. Loftin (Missouri)
D. Logan (Florida)
G. Lovett (California)
Eric Loy
Annette Luetzow
K. Lut (California)
S. Lux (Rhode Island)
A. Lyche (Oregon)
R. Lyman (California)
Foriest Lyons
T. Lyons (state not known)
Thomas McDonagh
M. Machen (New Mexico)
J. Mackey (Kansas)
E. Madison (New Mexico)
V. Madrid (state not known)
P. Magganas (California)
A. Magnano (Nevada)
C. Malchose (Kansas)
David Maletich
Robert Manning
Mann Interactive (California)
Nancy Mariella
T. Markanson (California)
S. Markov (state not known)
S. Marquis (California)
T. Marsh (state not known)
John Marshall
J. Marten (Wisconsin)
A. Calderone (Massachusetts)
M. Mason (state not known)
Marilyn Matis
D. Matson (Arizona)
H. Matthews (Utah)
A. Mattson (Washington)
Andrea Maxeiner
H. Mayhew (District of Columbia)
K. McCarthy (Connecticut)
R. McCarthy (New Jersey)
B. McDonald (Oregon)
Margaret McDonald
C. McDonough (Illinois)
S. McFarlane (North Carolina)
L. Mcinnis (Florida)
E. Mcintyre (Washington)
Wallace McKay
R. McKee (Texas)
Glen Mckenzie
John McNamee
F. Meacham (U.S. Armed Forces for the Pacific)
L. Meador (Colorado)
Barbara Mellody-Pizzato
D. Meersman (Arizona)
Mendocino Censored Museum (state not known)
S. Metelko (state not known)
J. Metzger (Virginia)
Rafaela Meurer
B. Meyer (Minnisota)
Karen W. Meyer Freelance Graphics
Maria Evelina Meyer
A. Michael (North Carolina)
Gayle Middleton
Timothy Middleton
C. Miller (Maryland)
Gregory Miller
T. Miller (California)
S. Minihan (state not known)
J. Mitchell (Colorado)
Mark Mitobe
Bee Bittermiller
V. Moehling (Illinois)
L. Mohammed (California)
C. Molnar (California)
Cheri Monik
CJ. Montgomery (Washington)
Pat Montgomery
J. Moore (Michigan)
K. Moorefield (North Carolina)
Herbert Morelock
E. Morin (Massachusetts)
E. Morris (Texas)
N. Morrison (Kansas)
M. Morgan (New Jersey)
Gloria Morgenstern
D. Morley (South Carolina)
S. Mortensen (state not known)
David Moss
Lisa Moses
R. Mossholder (Texas)
E. Mullen (New York)
M. Mullen (state not known)
G. Muller-Schlosser (Germany)
J. Muneyyirci (New Jersey)
T. Munson (Colorado)
A. Muraccioli (France)
Colleen Murray
J. Murtaugh (Minnesota)
T. Nachtigal (Kansas)
C. Nadeau (California)
E. Naffah (California)
R. Nakai (Colorado)
Jesus Nebot
K. Nechodom (state not known)
Greg Need
Rick Neil
T. Nelson (Arizona)
W. Nelson (Ohio)
D. Newman (New York)
K. Nguyen (state not known)
T. Nguyen (Texas)
Walter Nickells
M. Nikolai (Utah)
Jacqueline Norgood
A.J. Notarides (California)
Teresa Enking-Novak
Phillip N R
Jenna Oberg
Dennis Oberlin
B. O'Berry (state not known)
M. O'Brien (Pennsylvania)
Thomas O'Brien
S. O'Byrne (Georgia)
C. Ochieng (New Jersey)
B. Ogilvie (state not known)
T. O'Hara (Washington)
Seka Ojdrovic
M.A. Ojeda (state not known)
C. Olk (state not known)
S. Olsen (Utah)
Richard Olson
C. O'Neill (state not known)
Samantha Oppenheimer
Larry and Marsha Orcutt
B. Orvell (California)
M. Osgood (Oregon)
Our Mom Spot, LLC (Virginia)
R. Ait Ouazzou (New York)
F. Owens (Virginia)
T. Owens (California)
C. Paganis (Massachusetts)
J. Page (state not known)
R. Page (Georgia)
PaisleyPoodle (Kansas)
L. Paolino (Illinois)
Don Papa (California)
H. Papageorge (New York)
N. Paradise (California)
Scarlett Prazaline
E. Parent (state not known)
Jean Parker
S. Paris (Texas)
Ed Parr
V. Pascalino (California)
M. Patchell (California)
J. Patel (state not known)
J. Patton (Tennessee)
N. Paz (state not known)
D. Peake (Colorado)
B. Peckham (Colorado)
Carlo Pedron
G. Pelton-Saito (Illinois)
A. Pendyal (California)
P. Perez (California)
D. Peters (Wisconsin)
T. Perez (Kansas)
J. Perkins (New Mexico)
Richard Perras
Marilyn Perry
Ryan Pertusio
G. Peterson (Illinois)
Jeremy Phillips
Piglt Inc. (California)
David Pindel
Shirley Pinney
M. Pittenger (Florida)
Thomas Ploger
L. Points (Iowa)
Katherine Polacci
J. Pollard (Texas)
D. Poortenga (California)
Harriette Porter
Kathleen Porter
Mary Porter
J. Postlewait (California)
H. Poteet (Colorado)
Stephen Powell
K. Powers (Georgia)
Premiere (Maryland)
Alicia Proffitt
E. Proffit (state not known)
A. Pugh (Florida)
James Pursley
P. Pyle (Ohio)
E. Quinlan (Massachusetts)
K. Quinn (Massachusetts)
RadicalRuss Media (Oregon)
Mitchell Rabkin
David Radford
Lawrence Radice
K. Raeihle (Kentucky)
Imran Rafique
Cecil Ram
Matthew Randall
A. Rangel (Nevada)
R. Ragsdale (Arizona)
M. Ramirez (Texas)
Nancy Rapp
C. Ratfield (California)
S. Louis Rathje
Douglas Rau
S. Rawlins (state not known)
Razoo Foundation (Washington, DC)
Corrinne Jedwood-Rechter
P. Reed (Louisiana)
Susan Reising
K. Regan (New Jersey)
P. Reilley (Texas)
V. Renfro (Texas)
Karen Rice
Michael Rice
V. Rich (New Jersey)
J. Richman (Massachusetts)
J. Riquelme (Spain)
P. Rister (California)
Eleanor Rittenour
A. Roberts (Pennsylvania)
J. Roberts (state not known)
M.J. Roberts (Indiana)
Norma Roberts
Shanel Robinette
C. Robinson (Utah)
Sharon Robles
J. Roitman (Kansas)
A. Rojas (Florida)
S. Roman (Arizona)
L. Romans (Tennessee)
Rodney Rookey
George Rose
C. Ross (New Hampshire)
David Ross
Deanne Ross
J. Ross (Florida)
J. Roth (Minnesota)
B. Rothman (Connecticut)
Allan C. Rough
G. Rowe (state not known)
C. Rudd (California)
Louis Ruffino
T. Rueger (state not known)
Brandon Ruiz
Brenda Russell
Joshua Russo
M. Ryan (Washington)
G. Salmon (MIssouri)
M. Salmony (state not known)
C. Samek (state not known)
P. Sampson (Massachusetts)
Thomas Sanford
Martha Santa Maria
K. Santana (California)
S. Santoro (state not known)
N. Sapalicio (California)
Juan Sarmiento
Barbara Satenga
S. Saverance (New York)
Amy Sawaya
D. Scharfman (state not known)
Rob Schebel
L. Schefkowitz (New York)
T. Schen (state not known)
D. Schleisman (state not known)
M. Schill (Wisconsin)
H. Schlenker (Virginia)
John Schmeltzer
L. Schmitt (Colorado)
S. Schrader (New Jersey)
R. Schramm (Ohio)
M. Schrek (state not known)
C. Schoen (state not known)
S. Schultz (Missouri)
D. Schweitzer (Connecticut)
Theirn Scott
William Scott
C. Scotton (Illinois)
Scribe Tutorials
T. Scudder (California)
R. Seaman (state not known)
A. Sebula (Connecticut)
C. Segura (Virginia)
James Sennett
Robert Serben
Kimberley Servande
J. Shaffer (state not known)
K. Shapero (Florida)
Mel Shapiro
D. Sharer (Pennsylvania)
Margaret Sheftic
C. Shelley (Washington)
Ryan Shiroma
B. Shupe (Colorado)
James Sibley
A. Sickler (California)
J. Silvey (Washington)
E. Simpson (state not known)
Winifred Simpson
Brian Singer
John Slane
Kent Slinker
A. Slopek (Ohio)
S. Smiley (Michigan)
D. Smith (Rhode Island)
E. Smith (Illinois)
G. Smith (Minnesota)
H. Smith (Florida)
Jeffrey Smith
K. Smith (Alabama)
K. Smith (Washington)
M. Smith (state not known)
P. Smith (Virginia)
T. Smith (state not known)
W. Smith (Texas)
Joe Smokowski
Mary Sneed
M. Snyder (Indiana)
I. Solway (Michigan)
C. Sonneborn (Maryland)
M. Soto-Schwarz (state not known)
N. Spaeder (Missouri)
T. Spayth (Vermont)
John Spielberg
S. Spence (Delaware)
J. Spiegel (Ohio)
M. Spiro (Washington)
W. Spivey (state not known)
Gregory Sprenkle
K. Springer (Washington)
Lon Springer in memory of Brenda Keel Springer
D. Standley (California)
J. Stanford (Utah)
David Stamm
W. Stark (New Mexico)
Laurie Staszak
P. Stefanisko (California)
M. Steimer (Georgia)
J. Stein (California)
S. Stein (South Carolina)
E. Steiner (New Zealand)
S. Steinberg (California)
M. Steindam (state not known)
Dennis Stephen
N. Stevens (California)
C. Stewart (Australia)
D. Stewart (Washington)
G. Stewart (state not known)
Ian Stewart
Lorna St. Louis
Constance St. Jean
S. Stewart (Texas)
Sticks & Stones MT (Montana)
L. Stiner (Iowa)
S. Strouf (state not known)
G. & D. Stockman (Florida)
Mark Stoddard
L. Stucker (state not known)
M. Suka (Finland)
James Sullivan
K. Sullivan (California)
Laura Sullivan
Valerie Sullivan
R. Sun (California)
E. Suraci (Pennsylvania)
T. Surber (North Carolina)
Jim Sutton
L. Sutton (Georgia)
V. Sutton (state not known)
M. Svatek (Nevada)
Eric and Jane Swain
Charles Swaney
B. Swanson (Illinois)
A. Sydoruk (California)
S. Tamboli (New Jersey)
A. Talbott (Pennsylvania)
Julynn Tanaka
N. Tang (Iowa)
J. Taron (Washington)
L. Taylor-Neumann (state not known)
M. Teh (California)
M. Tenzer (California)
Renee Terry
H.D. Thacker (Florida)
Peter Thatcher
F. Thorlin (Texas)
T. Thorn (Idaho)
Maria Thorpe
M. Thornburg (North Carolina)
Susan Thornton
S. Thorodssen (Iceland)
Bjorn Thorsen
J. Thurston (California)
Peter Thwaites
D. Thynes (state not known)
Paul Tierney
Susan Titus
J. Tomaszewski (New Jersey)
N. Tran (California)
Tom Treadway
Kelay Trentham
I. Treufeld (Ohio)
V. Troiano (California)
J. Tucker (New Jersey)
Anton Vicar
Virginia Turner
Jonathan Tutor
The Twisterry, LLC
Ron Tye
D. Tyson (state not known)
S. Ust (New Jersey)
K. Utz (Maryland)
S. Uyeda (California)
Elija V.
A. Valdes (Florida)
M. Valdez (Colorado)
S. Valerio (Pennsylvania)
George Valley
G. Van Der Straaten (Netherlands)
U. Vanwart (state not known)
J. Varon (California)
K. Vealey (West Virginia)
K. Velez (state not known)
Kelli Velex
D. Velissaratos (California)
Henry Venable
L. Vending (Texas)
B. Vetter (Idaho)
S. Vidal (Illinois)
A. Villalobos (California)
Jaime Claudio Villamil
M. Villanueva (state not known)
Carpe VM
B. Voldahl (Minnesota)
J. Vorderbruegge (Vermont)
M. Voss (state not known)
Nhan Vu
S. Waclo (Nevada)
E. Wagner (Illinois)
T. Wagner (Oregon)
Wahala’s Gems
G. Waite (Michigan)
C. Walker (state not known)
M. Walker (California)
C. Wallace (California)
G. Walter (California)
Thomas Werner
William J. Walters
Shirley Walthour
Marsha Warren
K. Washington (California)
Alison Waterman
H. Watson (Ohio)
K. Watson (Texas)
R. Watson (Nevada)
W. Webb (Virginia)
B. Webster (Hawaii)
J. Wendt (state not known)
C. Wertheimer (Kansas)
T. Wehmeier (state not known)
Debra Wehrman
M. Weir (California)
J. Weiss (Illinois)
WellLife Massage (Missouri)
Ann Wells
D. Wells (Tennessee)
Kristin Wells
Rich Wells
Wellsprings (Oregon)
Patricia Werner
Thomas Westman
Shannon Whealton
T. White (Florida)
D. Whitely (state not known)
R. Whitney (New York)
S. Whittaker (Massachusetts)
Paul Wieland
B. Williams (Indiana)
D. Williams (Pennsylvania)
J. Williams (Georgia)
Steve Williams
S. Wiliamson (Florida)
F. Williston (Pennsylvania)
A. Wilkerson (Alabama)
Wilson Advertising (state not known)
K. Witte (state not known)
Cathy Wobser
Sue Ellen Wolcott
Katherine Wolf
M. Wolfe (Pennsylvania)
Jeff Wolfield
Kerri Wolfin
Jeanette Wolters
P. Wonder (New York)
J. Woodward (Wisconsin)
Chelsea Wright
Warren Wright
Will Wright
S. Wurth (Arizona)
Sandra Wusterbarth-Brown
T. Wymond (California)
T. Xiong (Ohio)
S. Yakutis (New Hampshire)
M. Yancey (Texas)
R. Yonon (Florida)
J. Young (Oregon)
Sam Young
Todd Youngblood
Y. Yuan (China)
S. Zarakov (California)
T. Zebe (Illinois)
H. Zhang (Ontario)
J. Ziegler (California)
S. Zimmer (Ohio)
L. Zimmerman (California)
M. Zimmerman (Massachusetts)
R. Zoellmer (Michigan)
ZooPens (Iowa)