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ProCon.org is excellent for teachers to use in the classroom. Find 20 lesson plan ideas with Common Core correlations to build skills and explore content. These professionally curated lessons contain an overview, activity, related handouts, and suggestions to make the activity easier or harder. Some of the lesson plan ideas include distinguishing fact from opinion, implicit vs. explicit statements, recognizing cause and effect, and writing for a target audience.

You can also browse lesson plan ideas that are tied to NCSS and NCTE/IRA standards. These free lesson plan ideas cover skills development ranging from extemporaneous speech to SAFI concept maps to distinguishing fact from opinion. Many teachers and educational organizations have already used ProCon.org in their lesson plans.

Our "How to Cite ProCon.org” resource offers a guide to citing ProCon.org content in MLA, APA, Chicago, and Turabian style protocols.

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