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National Week of Conversation: April 20 – 28, 2018

The National Week of Conversation (NWOC) is designed to encourage dialogue between people from all backgrounds, beliefs, and perspectives. We all feel the divide in this country. Controversial issues often spark strong emotions leading to ugly disputes with strangers and even with family and friends around the dinner table. It’s time to get back to civility and learn to disagree without being disagreeable. has joined forces with over 80 organizations to promote this important week.



Everyday thousands of people use to learn about important issues. We are deeply invested in empowering productive conversations that stem from this learning. Connecting with people outside our bubbles can be a powerful and rewarding experience. Bridging the divide starts with understanding the issues and each other. Respect and curiosity pave the way for better communication – even around difficult topics. Please share this page with your networks to help spread the word.




The National Week of Conversation (NWOC) raises awareness about the importance of civil conversation. The 10 nonpartisan nonprofit organizations below specialize in this type of conversation.

If you’re hungry for conversation:

1. Ben Franklin Circles

2. Better Angels

3. Listen First Coalition

4. Living Room Conversations

5. Mismatch

6. National Week of Conversation

If you’re hungry for food AND conversation:

7. Civic Dinners

8. Jefferson Dinner

9. The Family Dinner Project

10. The People’s Supper