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Should Recreational Marijuana Be Legal?
2/15/18 - Examine the pros and cons with quotes from prominent individuals and organizations such as Senator Cory Booker (pro), Nora D. Volkow, Director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse (con), Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau (pro), US Attorney General Jeff Sessions (con), Jesse Ventura, former Governor of Minnesota (pro), and the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry (con).
NEW ProCon.org Website! – Should Recreational Marijuana Be Legal?
2/13/18  - Our 56th website explores the pros and cons in the debate over legalizing recreational (also called adult-use) marijuana. More than half of US adults have tried marijuana, despite it being an illegal drug under federal law. Proponents say legalization will add billions to the economy, create hundreds of thousands of jobs, free up scarce police resources, and stop the huge racial disparities in marijuana enforcement. Opponents say legal marijuana will result in more teen marijuana use, lead to more medical emergencies including traffic deaths from driving while high, increase crime, and cause environmental damage.

Our new website presents the top pro & con arguments and quotes, a history of the debate, a video gallery, and a state guide to marijuana laws. It took 5 months, 250 sources, and 750 hours to create this free, nonpartisan resource for our readers.

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