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Top 10 Wealthiest Americans with and without College Degrees
10/19/17 - Bill Gates, the richest American, valued at $89 billion, dropped out of Harvard University, while Jeff Bezos, ranked number two with $81.5 billion, earned a BA in science from Princeton University. The ten wealthiest Americans with college degrees are worth a cumulative $506.2 billion, while the ten wealthiest Americans who didn't complete college are worth $350.2 billion.
US Obesity Levels, 1990-2016
10/19/17 - As of 2016, five states now exceed obesity rates of 35%; 20 states have obesity rates between 30% and 34.9%; 22 states have obesity rates between 25.0% and 29.9%; and three states and DC have obesity rates between 20% and 24.9%. Find where your state ranks.
Number of Animals Used for Testing, by Species
10/11/17 - 18,898 cats, 60,979 dogs, 71,188 primates, and 139,391 rabbits were used for research, testing, and education in the United States in 2016. See statistics for these and other animals, nationally and by state.