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Teachers’ Corner: for Educators, Librarians, and Administrators

As someone who uses personally, I see the great value it can bring to California’s students, teachers, and librarians. This free educational resource helps students develop vital 21st century skills such as critical thinking and civics education. It also helps them learn about important issues, and is consistent with Common Core and the findings of my Education Technology Task Force.

Tom Torlakson, California State Superintendent of Public Instruction, June 11, 2013

Among the biggest obstacles to good thinking is what we psychologists call ‘the confirmation bias.’ It’s the tendency to seek out only information that confirms your existing beliefs. is the best antidote to this bias that I have seen. It’s not just that it puts disconfirming information right there on the page, where it can’t be missed. It’s that models open-mindedness, respect for the complexity of truth, and respect for the sincerity of people on both sides of controversial issues. is a boon to our ailing civic culture.

Jonathan Haidt, PhD, author of The Righteous Mind and famous TED speaker, Oct. 21, 2012 is an incredibly practical and effective website for teaching and learning. The well-researched pro/con issues provide much non-biased information for students and staff researching contemporary topics.

Harriet Selverstone, Past President of the American Association of School Librarians (AASL), July 15, 2010


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