2024 Election Field Narrows

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North portico of the White House, Washington, D.C.
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With Republican Ron DeSantis out of the 2024 presidential election race on Jan. 21, the number of candidates has dwindled. 

ProCon is now covering two Republican candidates (Nikki Haley and Donald Trump), one Democrat (Joe Biden), and one independent (Robert F. Kennedy Jr.). Several other candidates are still running and may appear on ballots, but do not meet ProCon’s inclusion criteria, including Democrats Dean Phillips and Marianne Williamson.

Third party candidates will be covered at the conclusion of the Libertarian and Green party conventions in May and July respectively.

In the meantime, you can explore and compare the candidates’ positions on 23 (and growing) issues, explore the primary calendar and results, mark your calendars for the debates, learn how to register to vote, and delve into the history of presidential elections.

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And, if you’re a teacher, ProCon offers free lesson plans that can be used for current and past elections.