New York Bans Corporal Punishment in Private Schools

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Corporal punishment has been outlawed in New York public schools since 1985 but not explicitly banned in New York private schools until now. Governor Kathy Hochul signed bill A05010A on Oct. 25, 2023.

Only three other states ban corporal punishment in public and private schools: Iowa, Maryland, and New Jersey. A majority of states ban the practice in public schools, but the punishment remains legal in 17 states.

New York has defined corporal punishment as “the use of physical force to cause pain or harm to someone accused of breaking a law or rule. It says forms of corporal punishment include spanking or slapping, hitting with paddles, rulers or belts, and forcing students to perform physically painful activities, among other things.” 

1. Should corporal punishment be used in K-12 schools? Should a distinction be made between public and private schools? Explain your answers.

2. Should corporal punishment be allowed in other settings? Consider daycares, religious settings, and prisons. Explain your answers.

3. Should the federal government pass a law outlawing corporal punishment? Why or why not?

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