New York City Delivery Drivers’ Minimum Wage Increases to $17.96

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New York City skyline from the upper west side
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Beginning July 12, 2023, New York City app-based delivery workers must be paid a minimum wage of $17.96 before tips.

The city’s 60,000 delivery workers have been paid about $11 an hour, which is lower than the state’s $15 minimum wage

The raise, thought to be the first in the country, is controversial. Those in favor of minimum wage raises argue that the increase isn’t enough to compensate independent contractors for their expenses, which can include vehicle or bike maintenance, healthcare, and frequent injuries.

Those against the raise argue that the increase could shrink opportunities to hire more workers as well as decreasing work for existing workers while restaurants and customers will have to pay higher fees.

Discussion Questions

1. Should delivery workers earn the state minimum wage or more? Why or why not?

2. Should the federal minimum wage be increased? Why or why not?

3. Regardless of what the minimum wage is, should anyone earn less than minimum wage? Explain your answer.


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