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President Trump Open to One-State Solution
2/16/17 - President Trump announced that he would be open to either a two-state or a one-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, signalling a potential shift in the decades-long US policy of advocating a two-state solution.
Should the Words "under God" Be in the US Pledge of Allegiance?
2/16/17 - Gain insight on both sides of this debate with quotes from 34th US President Dwight D. Eisenhower (Pro), the American Humanist Association (Con), former US Supreme Court Justices Scalia and O'Connor (Pro), Michael Newdow, an attorney who brought a lawsuit against the Pledge to the Supreme Court (Con), and more.
Is Cell Phone Radiation Safe?
2/15/17 - Explore both sides of this debate with quotes from Dr. Larry Junck, Professor of Neurology at the University of Michigan Medical School (Pro), Dr. Ronald L. Melnick, former Senior Toxicologist at the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (Con), the Federal Communications Commission (Pro), Dr. Joel M. Moskowitz, Director of the Center for Family and Community Health at UC Berkeley (Con), and more.