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Does a Person's Race Affect the Likelihood of Him/Her Receiving the Death Penalty?
1/13/17 - Explore both sides of this debate with quotes from Martin O'Malley, former Governor of Maryland (Pro), Edward Koch, former Mayor of New York City (Con), Barack Obama, 44th President of the United States (Pro), and Roger Clegg, General Counsel at the Center for Equal Opportunity (Con), among others.
Should the Death Penalty Be Abolished or Paused (Moratorium) Because of the Alleged Possibility of an Innocent Person Being Executed?
1/13/17 - Explore both sides of this debate with quotes from Ernie Chambers, Nebraska State Senator (Pro), Michele Hanisee, Deputy District Attorney for the County of Los Angeles (Con), the United Nations General Assembly (Pro), and Antonin Scalia, former Associate Justice of the US Supreme Court (Con), among others.
Death Penalty: Top Ten Pros and Cons
12/16/16 - Read pro and con quotes from experts and organizations on 10 issues associated with the death penalty debate: morality, constitutionality, deterrence, retribution, irrevocable mistakes, cost of death vs. life in prison, race, closure for victims' families, attorney quality, and physician participation in executions.